Its going to be BIBLICAL!

UPDATE: 12-08-2020 5 PM. Alito DENIED the PA case…bad news right…NO GREAT news. He denied the singular PA case to take the BROADER Texas case, one now joined by LA so far. This case if granted, will rule ALL the fraud ballots in FOUR states being contested…INVALID. I believe it is PA, MI, GA, WI. That is HUUUUUGGGGGEEE. ONE fell swoop, and Trump WINS. AZ is doing it the legislative way, and they WILL de certify, audit, and eliminate the FRAUD with OUT the SCOTUS. It IS on the dockett, and this MAY have been done to EXPEDITE it all, Jay Sekulow is Trumps attorney and he is EXTATIC about this!

DO NOT believe the MSM spin coming on PA….they are WHISTLING past the GRAVEYARD!!

The rest of the post applies….ENJOY! further updates as needed!

OK people, a primer for what is about to go down.

FIRST Tomorrow, Alito will enjoin the results from PA until ALL fraud is DIS proven, which it CAN’T be. The dems WILL appeal to enbanc, meaning the entire SCOTUS will hear. TRap CLOSED. PA WILL FALL in the next few days to Trump. My original premise stands, ALL the fraud will be exposed, and the dems will NOT be able to NOT prove the validity, chains of custody, or WHY the ballots were not subjected to ANY scrutiny during the “processing of the mail in ballots, especially in Philly and Pittsburg. The dems did this by NOT allowing ANY true examination, or contestation of the mail ins, which is required by BOTH PA law, AND Federal law. The PA Supre court ignored law, and played gemes with tthe first Alito order, they WILL pay for it.

Therefore, PA will have ALL those totals, and they ARE known, Trump told us the EXACT number 682,706, SUBTRACTED, and reset to @ 130AM on Nov 4th the LAST true verified, accurate, and secure open count (processed WITH witnesses) PA will then have their Biden certification VOIDED, and the totals from 130AM will be ORDERED to be the last, best, accurate account. Precedent of Gore vs Bush under equal protection will be cited, as will the FAILURE of the dems to obey Alito’s orders of segregation of mailins, TWICE. ALso, the PA Supreme courts activism in overriding the LAW made by the legislature of PA to NOT extend the counts PAST election day will be cited, as VOIDING those ballots as unlawful. The PA Supreme court, Gov, and boards of elections will be eviscerated in this ruling.

The ruling WILL be 5-4, with Amy Coney Barrett as the deciding vote. The majority opinion will be written by Clarence Thomas. Roberts will side with the liberals. Bryer will write the desenting opinion…which will be a JOKE. Trump WILL be awarded PA by Fiday.

This is the FIRST domino to fall, but NOT the last. That will put the count at Biden 286, Trump 252. I suspect the SCOTUS will FURTHER order that NO electors from the other states SHALL be recieved or certified by the Electoral College UNTIL all other cases pending are fully reviewed by the SCOTUS. I do not know the legal wording, BUT I can guarantee that with ALL the evidence being presented in GA, wich is NEXT on the docket thanks to the 11th circuit denying Woods appeal. Tream Trump WILL file an Amicus brief on that case, and it WILL be heard probably dec 15th or earlier, thus the NEED to postpone the Electoral College meeting due to the HARM to equal protection and sanctity of the election vote. There IS precedent for doing so. One election was NOT decided or certified until THREE days before the Jan 20th inauguration. That was 1876, and it was NOT over until MARCH 2nd between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel J. Tilden.

The liberals will SCREAM, but that is ONLY because they are CAUGHT, and they will KNOW the end is NEAR. Once ONE falls, they ALL will. The IMPORTANT part is gertting Trump OVER 270. That will be accomplished in the NEXT moves. Where goes ONE, goes ALL. Sound Familiar?

With PA removed from Biden, and awarded rightfully to Trump, the FOCUS then becomes GA and its 16 electoral votes.

GA, is NEXT in the breech, on deck so to speak. Will ALL the FRAUD, caught on VIDEO featuring Ruby Freeman, her daughter Shaye Moss, and the election “supervisor” Ralph Jones. It is PAST the 11th circuit now. SCOTUS time.

Accortding to the Gateway Pundit linked HERE:

HUGE! WE CAUGHT THEM! Criminal Conspiracy Revealed — 3rd Suspect in GA “Suitcase Scandal” is Also the Same Man Who Spread Lies that Water Main Broke in State Farm Center! (

These are the people who perpetuated voter FRAUD on a MASSIVE scale. It was ALL caught on video tape (at LEAST…WINK) and it was shown to the GA Legislative hearing last week, AFTER they had pronounced their election “clean as the driven snow” and “smooth”.

This for you lurking MSM is called EVIDENCE.

We saw the video where these were three of the 4 or 5 individuals left behind @ 10:45 PM on Nov 3rd, after a supposed “water main break” was discovered, and forced the counting to “stop” and ALL but these 4 or 5 individuals were FORCED to LEAVE. That included Republican election monitors AND the media.

As we see in this video from @gummibear737

Which SHOWS all the perps commiting their fraud. We see Rubi Freeman and her daughter Shae taking hidden ballots out from under a table AFTER all the monitors and media were forced to leave because of the “water main break”. All the REGULAR ballots were shown being packed up in totes and put away. Notice the big guy in the red shirt, the one who obviously sees the PRISTINE, unfolded, and non-enveloped ballots being pulled out from under a table. THAT is Ralph Jones Jr. He is a “county election official” and HE is who the GA elections supervisor was referring to as being a “state monitor” the other day. This guy is also a dem, and he and his son are connected to BOTH Atlanta Mayor Kiesha Lance Bottoms, AND Stacy Abrams. Jones was Kiesha Bottoms political consultant in her campaign runoff election, which she won, and his son is Bottom’s online director.

Look at that image from  Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer CAREFULLY. It shows ALL the perps doing their various misdeeds AFTER the room was cleared. It shows Ruby and Shae, under what look like directions from Mr Jones Jr taking out the hidden, and OBVIOUSLY planted pristine ballots to be ran. Ruby and the others get busy running the phony ballots through the counting machines…UNMONITORED, unless you count the FOX (Mr Jones) watching the hen house as “monitored”. Ruby is seen running through one batch of the SAME ballots at LEAST 3 times. I am quite sure those were NOT Trump ballots. But WAIT it gets MUCH better. Guess who ordered out ALL the media and observers? Mr Jones Jr. Mr Jones is ALSO constantly on the phone with someone EACH time a ballot box of the phonies is opened. the calls stared right at 10:58 PM then Jones instructed all observers to leave. . Was he taking directions? From WHO. Oh, it even gets BETTER. GUESS who reported the water main “break”, the one that turned out to be a “leaky toilet”? Mr Jones. Fulton County absentee ballot counting |

From the GP article

According to the composite, the man in red makes two phone calls on Election Night at 10:58pm which then triggers the removal of the ballot cases from under the table covered in black material.  Within a couple minutes four boxes of ballots are wheeled out from under the table.

We now believe the man taking the calls and organizing the massive “suitcase” scandal that night is Ralph Jones.

Ralph Jones is the registrations chief at Fulton County Government.”

Gee, HOW “convenient” this ALL coincides EXACTLY to a drop of which 70% was for Biden that happened @ 1:36 AM.

LOOK at how out of proportion this time drop of 324232 ballots is to the REST. Thatt my friends is corroborating evidence. ALL other drops appear to be within 10 – 20 % of each other. This ONE drop which Biden won by about 116000 votes is WAY more than enough to change the outcome of GA. Biden currently “won” by @13000 votes. Take away or normalize (remove the FRAUD) from this ONE drop, hell make it 60 – 40 (instead of 70 -30) and that gives Trump @ 30000 more votes, IE he WINS GA. Now you KNOW that there is WAY more than this ONE drop. These were ALL just mail in ballots. The computer fraud was NOT enough. As we say, some stats gurus found that Trump voites in a rural GA county were counted as .87th of a vote, and Biden votes were counted as 1.13th of a vote. That my friends is NOT an accident. It is NOT a glitch. It is preprogrammed FRAUD.

Sydney Powell and Lin wood are part of a two part strategy with Guiliani and Ellis. Guiliani and Ellis are working the mail in fraud ballots, and the lack of chain of custody, providence, or observation and scrutiny of the mail in ballots. Powell and Wood are working the Dominion computer algorithm fraud. Together they WILL prove this was MASSIVE fraud. Trump will be proven to win in a LANDSLIDE. But FIRST they have to go about removing Biden and the MSM coverup of the fraud, and the FALSE PEOTUS (President Elect of the US) narrative. Sekulow will presrnt ALL evidence to the SCOTUS.

Biden has to LOSE first, and Trump RIGHTLY declared the winner. The EASIER for the public to absorb, and the quickest, will be the mail in ballot frauds. Pa will be FIRST flipping 20 EC votes from Biden to Trump. Now with all the video evidence above (and MORE WHEN it gets to the SCOTUS) Ga and its 16 EC votes are ALSO flipped to Trump. That makes it Biden 272 and Trump 268. Now we ONLY need ONE morre of NV, AZ, Mi, or WI. Trump is attacking on MULTIPLE fronts here.

In Nevada, there are pending lawsuits where as many as 75000 people voted in Nevada AND an other state. That means those votes SHOULD, and most likely WILL be voided in BOTH states. I suspect the other state would be easily CA, where losing 75000 votes would not effect CA’s voting. EASY to bus across voters to Carson city from LA. LESS than a 3 hour bus trip. It could even be people who MOVED from NV and requested absentee votes in another state, and voted in both. It could be those that moved were INNOCENT, and unscrupulous dems voted the people by absentee at a drop off, not realizing or caring , if those people voted in another state. We know the Las Vegas area has a LONG history of voter fraud, the Harry Reid political machine and the Service Industry Unions are HUGE in that fraud, especially involving Latinos of “questionable” legal status (Think Casino food service, maids, and valets). It is VERY likely there will be fraud uncovered here, and it might well be enough to overturn Biden’s current “win” of @ 35000 votes. But I do NOT trust the dem machine there. It will be HARDEST here, because they are so practiced at it.

Then we have WI. there are NUMEROUS lawsuits involving Dane and Milwaukee counties. There were, like PA, Legislative laws violated in the WI counting of the mail in ballots. Observers were NOT permitted in Milwaukee or Dane, and when the recount happened Trumps team of observers challenged @150000 balloots in those two recounted counties, ballots with the same name signed and no return address, ALL invaild. WAY more than enough to overturn Biden’s “win” of @ 20000. This IMHO is the FALL back should one of the other four not come through, WI will be headed to SCOTUS too, just further behind than GA and PA.

Next, we move to Michigan. Where there AGAIN was ignored standing election laws of NOT allowing ballot scrutiny, and changing of election laws, practices, and standards. MI, is in the courts, and the State courts keep stalling, HOPING to run ort the “safe harbor” rule. One that states all lawsuits must be resoved before the electoral college meets Dec 14th. It is a “rule” NOT a Constitutional LAW. And as we saw in Hayes/Tilden, that date means NOTHING. As I posted above, the SCOTUS, after the PA ruling, and with MORE coming from GA, WI, AZ, MI, they WILL enjoin and MOVE that date to whenever the cases are fully resolved. There is NO rush. this is TOO important, and the dems are trying to run out the clock…FAST, too bad, THAT arbitrary time does NOT matter. With all the evidence presented in the hearings last week from eyewitnesses, plus the denial of scrutiny, plus the lack of chain of custody, plus the obvious fraud found in Antrim, and attributed to a “glitch” that flipped 12000 votes (6000 from Biden to Trump on hand recount) , plus the @173000 votes from some Detroit precincts , which are MORE than total registered voters there, there is WAY more than enough evidence to throw MI, and Biden’s @ 80000 vote “win” in doubt. This too is going to SCOTUS. I believe a few cases were just denied by the 5th circuit, so SCOTUS is NEXT.

But HERE is my pick for the WIN, not the FINAL total, but the WIN. Arizona.

There are MANY irregulatrities in Arizona. The State legislature, despite Gov Ducey, and the never Trump AZ sec of state Katie Hobbs, certifying the results, has requested a full audit of Maricopa county, the states LARGEST county, and a Republican stronghold. AZ took over a WEEK to complete its “counting. MOST from Pima (dem stronghold) and Maricopa. In a recent sampling of a mere 100 ballots from JUST Maricopa, 3 FRAUD ballots, ALL AGAINST Trump (one vote for Trump was “miscounted” and thrown out). Now, they CERTIFIED there was ZERO fraud. 3% is WAY above NONE, and that was JUST a random 100 of 2,036,000 votes, or .0000491% of the vote. To find 3% in THAT small a sample is HUGE. There SHOULD have been NONE. The 3 % is 6110 times the vote (3 divided by .0000491)

Now there were 2,036,000 votes cast in Maricopa county alone. Biden supposedly “won” by @45000 votes. biden “won AZ by @11000 votes. Trump and team were ADAMANT that Trump would and DID win AZ. Fox, in on the fraud, called it WAY early on election night, my bet as the SIGNAL to start the fraud, at that time, Trump was WAY up in all the contested states except AZ and NV. 3% of 2,036,000 votes is 61093. way more than enough to ERASE the @11000 vote Biden “win”. The legislature has ordered a FULL audit of Maricopa. Who wants to bet they find at LEAST 3% fraud? Buehler? Buehler? That’s right, they WILL, and it will cause those votes to be NULLIFIED. Trump will WIN AZ outright , as he rightfully should have on election night.

This is the ONE place where SCOTUS may not be needed. The AZ legislature appears ON IT with the hearings and the sample. IF they do the RIGHT thing, Trump WILL win AZ, and its 11 EC votes. That will give Trump 279 EC votes and the Presidency. Trump can then proceed to be certified by the Electoral College, and either continue or drop the rest of the cases.

This will by NO means be the END. I believe at LEAST WI (10 EC votes) and MI (16 EC) votes will ALSO flip. That would give Trump an additional 26 EC votes to go to 305. I suspect, that EVENTUALLY, like months later after Trump is reinagurated, VA, NV, and perhaps another surprise or two are uncovered and flipped as well, making Trump prophetic when he said “I believe I will get more EC votes this time than 2016). In 2016, Trump got 306. In the END, after all the mail in balklot fraud, ALL the dominion fraud involving vote switching, vote jumping from Trump to Jorgensen to Biden, and all the fractional voting of .87 Trump votes to 1.13 Bideen votes, the results will be MASSIVELY in Trumps favor. Trump currently sits at @74 MILLION votes, which WOULD have been the record, had Biden not chearted to @80 million.

NO ONE sane or honest BELIEVES Biden got 11 million more votes than Obama in 2008. which was a “trasfigurative historic” election of the first African American President. Biden could NOT draw more than a senior citizens bingo parlor ANYWHERE he went. NO ONE watches his videos online. NO ONE watches his TV interviews oir “speeches” WHERE are his 80 million voters? They are GHOSTS, or more exactly CYBER votes, FRAUD printed ballots like GA, and duplicates and the deceased like NV. He had ZERO enthusiasm from the dem base, just the left. NOT 80 million, not even CLOSE.

Biden got ZERO coat tails in his hiostoric “victory” so far, ONE Senate seat, Martha McSally in AZ is flipped, and he LOST at LEAST 15 House seats, DOZENS of state legislatures, and even a Gov. NO WAY a guy with 80 million votes LOSES ANY seats. In 2008, Obama swept in state legislatures, Governorships, AND super majorities in the House AND SENATE (59). ALL FLIPS from Republican. Bush and his two wars were UNPOPULAR, and the economy was CRASHING thanks to the Housing bubble burst.

Trump by contrast has a REBOUNDING economy from a PANDEMIC, which was at HISTORIC levels before Covid. Despite Covid lockdowns, it is NEARLY equal to where it was BEFORE the Pandemic hit, and that is DESPITE 7-10 dem controlled states BARELY participating in the recovery, including TWO of the BIGGEST in NY and CA. Trump has HISTORIC PEACE, and NO WARS, and is bringing troops HOME from Afghanistan and abroad. There is UNPRECEDENTED peace in the Middle East and the WORLD, and Trump has FOUR historic ME peace accords with Israel and Arab states signed, with perhaps MORE and BIGGER (Saudi Arabia) on the WAY. Trump has been nominateed for THREE Nobel Peace Prizes because of it so far. We are also ENERGY independent of foreign oil for tthe first time in 75 years. Peace and prosperity reigns, and yet Trump “lost”because of Covid, a pandemic in which 99.5% survive..RIGHT. Biden did not SWEEP into power, he was CARRRIED to it via OBVIOUS fraud. The dems FORGOT to vote straight ticket, which COST them in their fraud in the House, States, and Senate. They CLAIM the dems split the ticket, or that Trump LOST Republicans, but HOW, he got nearly 10 MILLION more votes than 2016. WHO exactly did he “lose”? Oh, and since he LOST Reps, he GAINED more than 10 million DEMS and INDS? COME ON, then WHO were the 12 MILLION more voters for Biden than Clinton got or the 11 MILLION more voters than Obama got?

Trump could NOT gain Hispanics, Dems, and African Americans to the tune of TEN MILLION more, and LOSE Reps, NOT in a time of PEACE and PROSPERITY. WHO were Biden’s 12 MILLION more voters? He had NO enthusiam, even the bogus polls stated he had a MASSIVE enthusiam gap with DEMS. So are we to BELIEVE Trump LOST Reps to Biden (12 million) but GAINED Dems? And Biden LOST dems, meaning African Americans, blue collar, and Hispanics to the tune of TEN MILLION to Trump but GAINED Reps? COME ON. There were NOT enough REAL votes to do that, and ANYONE with two brain cells KNOWS it.

But it is NOT what we KNOW. It is what we can PROVE.

The dems BEGGED for proof, and they are getting it, NOW after for WEEKS saying there was NO proof of “widespread” fraud, they simply refuse to SEE the same WIDESPREAD proof of WIDESPREAD fraud they BEGGED to see.

As Q once said, you CANNOT siply TELL the people, you MUST SHOW THEM.

The dems and the WORLD are BEING shown. There WILL be more. MORE VIDEOS. MORE stats, MORE eyewitnesses, MORE testimony, and MORE EVIDENCE.

SOON, VERY soon, we will ALL be witness to the GREATEST sting in modern HISTORY. Soon, there will be UNDENIABLE proof. There will be EYEWITNESS testimony coulpled with EYEWITNESS video and audio, WHAT?? IN PERSON video AND audio? YEP. Because Trump and his team were READY. They had this ALL monitored from pillar to post. From the computers, the IP lines, the tabulators, the counting facilities, the ballot printing facilities, right down to the VERY people in EACH area that COMMITTED the fraud and the GOVS, Sec’s of State, and COURTS that LET it happen.

Trump set a TRAP. He WATCHED, and more impoirtantly RECORDED them ALL. HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS are going to PRISON at LEAST.

Why can I say this? Because ONE Trump TOLD us he KNEW it was coming. NO ONE of his level KNOWS something is coming and does NOT put in LAYERS of contingency to stop it, OR better, to EXPOSE IT and the CRIMINALS behind it. TWO. Trump put in place the Sep 2018 EO on Election interference labeling ALL FUTURE Federal elections as CRITICAL US INFRASTRUCTURE. You ALWAYS protect your VITAL INFRASTRUCTURE. WHO does that? The MILITARY. Cyber Command, and the recently REVEALD Special Opperations Unit under Ezra Watnick and Sec of Defense Chris Miller. They were not only WATCHING, and RECORDING, they had SPECIAL OPERATORS INSIDE the fraud teams.

They were REVEALED the DAY Watnick took over Special Operations. “From this day forward, I am designating ALL Special Operators report DIRECTLY to ME”. Now WHO was STANDING RIGHT THERE? Watnick’s NEW boss, Chris Miller. Miller was ALL smiles. That means this was PLANNED.

Tell me DIRECTLY after the FRAUD on Nov 3rd, WHO did Trump FIRE? Def Sec Esper. WHY? Because Esper was, as both the CIA and FBI also, was UNAWARE of the sting. DIRECT orders from POTUS, the Commander in Chief. DIRECT to Miller and Watnick. NO LEAKS. Esper, and Haspel FOUND OUT the day after the election ABOUT the sting. Esper was going to BRIEF Biden. Trump FIRED, and I am SURE promised him a NOOSE if he briefed Biden or ANYONE. Haspel RAN to her OLD COLLEGE (and mine) classmate, who just HAPPENS to be Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Guess what McConnell TOLD HER. “You are FUCKED” I can’t help you. RAIDO SILENCE SINCE. NO Haspel OR Esper sightings, WRAY either. WHY? Because the FBI was OUT of this loop TOO.

Tell me THEN what did Trump do? He LET the dems and MSM take the BAIT, and RUN out the LINE with it. JUST like a big fish. Trump except for a FEW tweets, remained SILENT. He let LAWYERS speak. He let WATNICK and MILLER speak. Trump WAITED. When he HAD the SCYTL servers in Frankfurt and the mirror in Barcelona that were in CIA hands, remember that Frankfurt raid reported and then “debunked”, he POUNCED. NOW he had the COMPLETE trail.

He HAS voting machines from ALl the contested fraud states. He HAS the voting tabulators from those same areas. He HAS the IP lines, and the packet comms both to and FROM those servers overseas, shoiwing the REAL totals sent IN, and the PHONY ones sent OUT. NOW, he had the LAST piece of the pie, the SERVERS themselves. A complete FORENSIC trail. UNDENABLE proof of tthe COMPUTER fraud. But, wait, Prex, you said that Trump is focused on the Mail ins. HE IS. This is the CONTINGENCY, they COUP de grace. THE sword of Damocles.

Know what ELSE he has? Recall that we have TONS of citizen eyewitnesses, and TONS of citizien statistics. We have LOTS of testimony, and LOTS of affidavits from we the people. What we DIDN’t have, until a few days ago, was VIDEO. NOW we DO. The one above and others, including the infamous USB pass from Freemon to her daughter to the “runner” GUESS what is on that USB?EVIDENCE. That is the REAL count…IE TRUMP VOTEES “deleted” and STORED on that USB…STUPID.


WHAT have I been ASKING for the last few weeks? “WHERE is ALL this CRYSTAL clear in frame, STILL, professionally shot photos, and now VIDEO coming from? Is it from citizens I phones? NO. Was it the arena and counting facilitiy security footage? NO, well MAYBE some, but they were CAPTURED from the bad guys who had it OFF. No, my friends this was an INSIDE job. Trump, via Watnick, had PEOPLE in on team fraud. WATCHING, and more importantly RECORDING.

So FAR, we have ONLYT seen SOME video and photos. WAIT till we get the correlating AUDIO. UP close and PERSONAL audio AND more VIDEO, Bet we HAVE that USB too.

But HOW, can you be SO sure PRex?

EASY. KNOWING Trump was PREPARED, WHAT would I do? I would put in embeds. FISAS go BOTH WAYS, and make NO mistake, this WAS FOREIGHN (CHINA) interference. Trump has had ALL their comms and has been WATCHING all the people involved, INCLUDING the underlings like Jones, and Freeman. It is what I would have done. I am NOWHERE NEAR as smart as Trump. He undoubtedly has MORE.

Last and DEFINATIVE proof what I am saying is true. We cauught them on video, MULTIPLE videos in GA. HOW did we know WHO to WATCH? We have the LOVELY in frame videos, the PERFECT pic of ALL of them together. WHERE did that come from? HOW did WE get it? WHEN was it taken? AH, now you see. SET UP. They knew PRECISELY WHERE TO LOOK, WHEN to look, and WHO to look AT. They ALSO made SURE the videos were NOT noticed. You cannot tell me they did not see the Arena cameas IF that isd what was used. They simply THOUGHT that they were OFF and “taken care of”

Wait till the IN PERSON audio and video surfaces in GA, AND elsewhere. IT IS COMING.

I ALSO suspect all the DATA about the machine fraud is coming DIRECTLY from Watnick. Recall, WHO Watnick was a descip[le of? Lt Gen Michael Flynn. Gee, WHO was JUST pardoned? Coincidence in the timing…right? LOL NO. It is TIME for Flynn, who likely ran this whole planned sting from the SAFETY of being under judicial appeal. BRILLIANT. The architect in PLAIN sight, “neutered” or so they were LEAD to beleive. Gee WHO was the TOP lieutenant on the GROUND? Ezra Watnick.

HOW do you keep a SECRET from the FBI, CIA, and the bad guys? You use someone they NEVER would think to look at, and you keep it STRICTLY need to know using the one safe harbor, the Military intelligence, people LOYAL to Flynn, and LOYAL to BOTH the Commander In Chief and the Constitution. You keep it EYES ONLY need to know, DIRECT orders from CIC to Watnick and his group ONLY. Not even Esper knew, till it was too late, and somehow he found out AFTER the fact…but he was FIRED before he could issue the WARNING. TOO late, Biden, the cabal, and the MSM fell into the trap.

Each day they ENSNARE themselves MORE deeper and TIGHTER. With EACH word, obfuscation, lie, and denial, they bury themselves. Most do NOT even KNOW they are TOAST yet, and they WON’T till the Miltary COMES for them. NOTHING is going to stop this now. That is why I feel comfortable in posting this. All this will do is give you the primmer, when the pieces start to fall. The die is cast.

Enjoy the show.

26 thoughts on “Its going to be BIBLICAL!

  1. Happy belated anniversary Prog-Rex!

    I agree with you 100%.

    I am convinced Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Lt General Flynn and a few good men are Q. (Do not forget POTUS private intel group. I think they had a big hand in this too.

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  2. Thanks, I sincerely hope that your scenario is accurate as it is the least likely to solicit an aggressive reaction when results are reversed. I’m still confused when fraud is confirmed why the guilty party does not lose ALL their votes in that district rather than putting the onus on the innocent party to compete with themselves by hoping that what they have shown are the full extent of the fraud. IMO the entire dem votes in those 5 or 6 contested states should be invalidated and all the perps charged with treason and sedition.

    The other unknown is in understanding when the results are challenged, why the burden of proof does not fall on the legislators to prove their results. It seems that the burden of proof is hovering around POTUS as a victim and even though he has proof of his claim, the legistators should be made to prove their results of certifying election.

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    1. You arre not paying enough attention to the tree. FORGET the MSM FOREST. The BURDEN to PROVE the votes are REAL is COMING in SCOTUS, I believe they will throw out ALL votes in the 6 contested states AFTER @ 130 AM on Nov 4th. The LAST real totals, and Trump was winning them ALL but NV, and AZ…BIG.

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      1. I said midnight but I’ll give you 1:30 AM

        Also if Mil Intel has the ACTUAL votes from BEFORE they are sent overseas, Those votes maybe used. Hopefully they toss several Demonrats out of office.

        Actually if I was SCOTUS, with all the evidence of wide spread fraud by the DNC, I would toss all the DemonRats out of office as punitive damages.

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      2. BINGO. YES the Military has the votes (IP packets of data) BEFORE (real vote) it got edited and sent BACK from Frankfurt. We have BOTH the before, and the AFTER packets. We also have the machines from select areas, the tabulators from select areas, and the SERVERS. The complete forensic TRAIL. Now couple that with eyewitness audio, video from embeded Trump military assets, AND the comms of the entire setup, from ALL who participated. HOW did the Military now, when, where, and WHO to watch? FISAS. Barr has been BUSY, in SECRET. Durham too.

        Is it TIME for them to reveal that? YEP.

        See Texas or a state, was ALWAYS planned. It was the ONLY way to get to SCOTUS without POLITICS. This is PURE equal protection…and Trump is not even in it (yet) WINK. 18 states SO FAR are claiming the 6 or seven dem cities and couinties DISENFRANCHISED all theri votes by FRAUD, chainging rules, suverting state laws, and VIOLATING the STATES compact to let state LEGISLATURES handle elections including those rules and laws.

        This is a WINNER, and EXACTLY what Gore vs Bush decided. ALL the judicial NON action, just like the FL supreme court in 2000 actuall helped the Texas case…dumbass dems. They do not study and LEARN from histroy, they try to alter, hide, and subvert it. THIS time it WILL cost them.

        Texas and 18 states seek a REMEDY, and thanks to dems OWN actions, there is ONLY one way. SCOTUS has NO choice since dems CANNOT prove ballot integrity, and because we said so is NOT gonna cut it. The dems did this to themselves, and Trump LET them, because he KNEW all along what they were gonna do, and WHERE this was headed…the OUTCOME too.

        BYE JOE. No wonder he did not plan an “inauguration” party, or crowd. He will NEVER be inaugurated…INDICTED…yes.

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      3. Perhaps you’re correct. I don’t personally get any info from MSM nor have I for about 4 or 5 years. It is absolutely brilliant the way the question has been posed to SCOTUS from the perspective of harmed citizens who have conducted their elections by state Laws that fulfill Federal Laws and their votes have been diminished b/c of the unlawful election procedures of several states who did not abide by election Laws. So it doesn’t matter how many fraudulent votes were allowed….only that they were allowed and attempts were made to conceal them.

        It’s like being in a coarse where several people’s cheating habits mean that you get a B instead of the A you deserved and worked hard to legitimately achieve.

        I think most of the evidence will be revealed for the purpose of showing the public the extent to which corruption has perpetrated the gov’ts and is hoped to avoid a civil firefight.

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      4. EXACTLY. This is NOW not about Trump, it is about equal protection of Texas et al who did everything RIGHT, vs the FRAUD in the 6 states.

        This had to be done…EQUAL protection. This is THE basic tenant of the Constitutiuon. This is a STATES issue now, and PA’s ARROGANT, and LAME response will NOT help. Once the case is heard, and it WILL be, THEN all the REAL evidsence comes in, by the BOAT LOAD. Had to get CERT first. Trump would not have gotten it ALONE. 18 states so FAR means it WILL be heard. Discovery, and EVIDENCE.

        PA and the dems will have to PROVE their votes are REAL, and NOT fradulent. PA and the rest will have to PROVE that they did NOT change the rules absent the legislature.

        PA will have to PROVE they did everything according to LAW.

        PA will have to PROVE the providence of ALL the mail ins, and answer the question WHY no one can see them. PA will have to PROVE their is NO computer fraud.

        This goes for WI, MI, and GA too.

        Short answer they CAN’T prove ANY of the above. GUESS what that means!

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      5. I have learned a lot about the situation by watching 34 hr of hearings for states and Sekulow (ACLJ) as well as random input from Citizens Free Press and others. I’m sick in my stomach about the role that Canada has been used in this plan. Trudeau is a punk azz.

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      6. No, Cdn ballots are hand counted. Dominion machines are known to be corrupted and trudeau has so much corruption that they own him already. Especially to Chi Coms.

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  3. Whoa Prog. It almost sounds like fan fiction on steroids. It would be woderful to see. My hopium level is a bit low, but not gone. Living in CA doesnt help.
    Audio with the video needs to come out.
    I hope Alito and the full court choose wisely.

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    1. The SCOTUS will come through. I am a FAN, but it is NOT fiction. WHERE is all this VIDEO and phoits, crystal CLEAR, coming from? HOW did they know WHO, WHERE, and WHEN to watch? AH, you see, MILITARY is WELL versed in finding, aacquiring, and DESTROYING, “hidden targerts” They found Sadam in a hole in a PIG farm.

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