On that weird Pelosi/Schiff sudden visit to Jordan RE:the “troop pullout” in Syria.

I read an interesting thread at the Q Treehouse from Greg Rubini (hat tip to phoenixrising37 for posting the link) The theory says that the Syria troop pullout was ALL a setup to get to Baghdadi.  The premise is that the troop pullout was designed to flush him out, thinking that Trump had created a “vacuum”.  It was speculated that the people that actually pinpointed Baghdadi’s location were Pelosi and Schiff in their hurried trip to Jordan.  I have a theory on the WHY this may just be accurate.

First, some back story, Trump had ordered the pullout of approximately 55 forward troops, mostly “advisers” from the front lines in disputed territory in Syria that the Turks insisted had been used to launch many attacks into Turkey about 3 weeks ago on Oct 13th 2019.

The left and the MIC went BANANAS, saying Trump was reckless, and THAT that would result in reconstituting the formation of ISIS in the region.  THAT would prove to be a crucial point.  Recall that Pelosi and Schumer walked out of a White house briefing on the subject, with Pelosi making a public spectacle of it, accusing the President of being rude to her on Oct 17th 2019, even showing a photo on her Twitter page with her “grandstanding” and pointing her finger at Trump. . She and Schumer made SURE to head straight to the cameras and tell the MSM that Trump was reckless and would this would result in the reforming of ISIS and the betrayal of allies.

Immediately following this “show” Trump, Pence and Pompeo in Turkey  negotiated a 5 day cease fire. Pence and Pompeo were able to negotiate the “temporary” 5 day cease fire on Oct 17th 2019.   In the middle of this 5 day cease fire, on Oct 21 2019, Pelosi, Schiff, and a cadre of House Democrats plus only ONE Republican went to Amman Jordan to do “something” to comfort out “allies”.  Most think that was nothing but an attempt to undermine Trump in his foreign policy, and they are right.  What we did NOT think of was WHO they were talking to.

In this thread, it was proposed that Pelosi and Schiff went to Jordan (and Afghanistan) not to talk to our “allies”, but instead to meet and talk to AL Baghdadi, or perhaps a representative.  Upon their return, Trump announced the cease fire was PERMANENT, and that Turkey, Syria, and the KURDS were all happy. This was Oct 23rd 2019.  Most importantly, Trump announced that we had secured the oil fields guarded by the Kurds.  I wondered at the time…WHY he sought to mention that. Now I think I know JUST what happened and WHY.

I think the ENTIRE Syria operation was a setup. I think the Kurds, Turks, and we ran a game on Baghdadi to get him to show himself.  The specific area that Trump pulled the soldiers from, and “allowed” the Turks to “attack” was DIRECTLY where a massive Syrian oil field was located that ISIS once controlled and USED as funding for their “caliphate”.

We and the Kurds took over that oil field when we were busy “expelling” ISIS fro the are (and the planet).  That effectively put an END to the funding and therefore ISIS.  Most of their fighters were fighting because they were PAID.  NO pay plus facing US air power= NO fighters.

Trump KNEW that Baghdadi, whom he ALWAYS wanted to get, was somewhere in the region, hidden.  Trump KNEW that those oil fields would be just the plumb bait to get Baghdadi to show himself.  SO, I think it was a TRAP from the get go.  Trump would do a rapid “pullout” just like Obama did, and then Turkey would clear out the Kurds for their “attacks” in Turkey.  They would wipe the Kurds OUT, and then retreat back to Turkey, as they did not want the land, they just did not wan the Kurds on their border.

This had to be too good to be true for Baghdadi.  We were leaving, the Kurds who had helped us decimate ISIS would be crushed by the invading Turks, who would then simply retreat back home once the Kurds were obliterated.  Leaving the region…and most importantly the OIL FIELDS, WIDE OPEN.

Baghdadi, as planned could NOT resist.  He went about trying to “get the band back together”  in his HASTE and LUST for that oil money he “peeked” his head out. Bahdadi was killed in a Delta Force operation on Oct 27th.

Now, it gets REAL interesting. The article intimates that Pelosi and Schiff met with Baghdadi or a surrogate while on that rushed trip to Jordan (and Afghanistan).  The point the article was missing was the WHY.  What would Pelosi and Schiff be meeting Baghdadi ABOUT.  What could be SO important that Pelosi and Schiff had to go NOW, dropping EVERYTHING including Pelosi’s older brother’s funeral and “the impeachment” hoax.  What could be SO crucial that Baghdadi just HAD to meet an REVEAL himself.

Trump told us ALL, we just did not “get it”  I think I now do.

Remember, NOT just Pelosi went, Schiff as well, which explains Trump calling them out. ONLY one Republican went. I think it may be time to start researching just WHO went in that delegation. I always knew that Obama was behind ISIS and was funding them. Do you know what else…and Trump gave AWAY the urgency..it was the OIL FIELDS. That is where the $$ was coming from that BOUGHT those weapons…THAT is what the Cabal were worried about, the OIL $$, NOT our troop “pullout”, NOT the abandonment of the Kurds, and NOT the danger of reforming ISIS, they WANTED the reforming to restart the cash flow.

My bet, ISIS was buying weapons from US when they were formed in 2014. Pelosi and Schiff KNOW, or had to approve it..remember WHO holds the purse strings NOW, and WHEN ISIS was formed.

I think Trump knew or found out that Baghdadi and ISIS were using that oil to BUY weapons from us through the CIA, (think Benghazi) and that the Cabal (Nancy and Schiff ARE members) was SKIMMING the proceeds…off book of course.

In short, if true, Trump not only set up Baghdadi, he set up Schiff and Pelosi TOO. This WILL come out. It explains ALL the shenanigans with Syria, the pull out and furor over FIFTY guys, AND the urgency with which Pelosi and Schiff dropped EVERYTHING…over FIFTY guys..I do not think so…it was the DANGER that Turkey would TAKE their oil field CASH COW before THEY could reclaim it.

This was a PLANNING session..by TRAITORS to help Bagdadi regain control of that OIL. Remember, Trump SAID : “He was there trying to restart ISIS…at WHOSE request?  AND right AFTER Pelosi and Schiff left Jordan. Too coincidental…ALL of it.

This may be HUGE, it also explains Nancy and Schiff’s NEW urgency to open impeachment up to a vote.. AS COVER.

Lastly, Trump said EXPLICITLY that he did NOT tell Pelosi or Schiff, but he DID tell Graham and BURR. Now, Burr is a leaker himself, but HE did NOT go to Jordan. GET IT!

Methinks the coup attempt was NOT enough firepower on Schiff and Pelosi for Trump, to make SURE they meet the business end of that rope, he needed open, abject TREASON , and they GAVE it to him.

One of the LAST things Q said…FISA’s go BOTH ways. Nancy and Schiff have BIG problems. My bet is BOTH of them and more have FISA’s and or court ordered surveillance on them, and Trump has had it, but needs ROCK solid prrof or they will say it is political retribution because of impeachment

The coup attempts NOW have a MOTIVE besides political. It was ALL about $$, LOTS of hidden oil money.  and Trump now has PROOF. Oh MY! This ALL goes back to Obama…I wrote that the Syrian genocide was ALL about an oil pipeline..and it looks like I was RIGHT. Just did not know that TRAITORS here were skimming that oil.  Looks like THAT is what McCain was in on TOO.

TRAITORS ALL.  This is what THEY ALL have been trying to get Trump for since elected.  IT is ALL about Trump exposing their foreign money avenues, and STOPPING them ( Dec 21 2017 EO ring a bell).  Who wants to bet that the server Trump mentioned to Zelensky that started this current impeachment furor, has INFO, players, and a money trail on that oil money and MORE.  It is ALL connected.


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