Lies, damn lies, and Covid Statistics.

See, just as I have said before. EVERYTHING under Obama was INFLATED by these “govt estimates” and then after MONTHS REDUCED to a MUCH lower number. The EXACT opposite is true under Trump, EVERYTHING is UNDERESTIMATED, and then REVISSED HIGHER in as month or so.

Now, knowing that FACT, apply it to Covid 19. If they CAN’T or WON’T post accurate numbers on the economy, how can you trust ANY numbers the govt “agencies” post?

The answer is SIMPLE you cannot. there is RAMPANT fraud, to further an agenda, and ANYONE with 2 or more brain cells to rub together, SHOULD know better. Obama and his cohorts INFECTED every Govt agency from DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSC, CDC, NIH, HUD, EPA, State, and MORE with PARTISANS, not even bureaucrats, PARTISANS. Even Bureaucrats have LIMITS to what they will do. Partisans will do ANYTHING for “the cause”.

That is where we ARE. There are simply dem partisans LYING and inflating or deflating NUMBERS to further THEIR agenda.

Let me break down some REAL WORLD truth. At one of my Wife’s clients, they had to SHUT DOWN two weeks for one Covid infection. Now that would seem RESAONABLE right, until you find out that the person merely CALLED their doctor, TOLD them some symptoms they “had” and the doctor marked it as a Covid case and recommended the shutdown. WITHOUT a visit, WITHOUT a test, WITHOUT any sort of verification.

Hell, ANYBODY could call in at THAT rate, and simply say, ” I think I have Covid, I am running a fever of x and have shortness of breath and body aches” It WILL be marked as Covid, without ANY sort of verification. If it CAN and DID happen ONCE, it is happening THOUSANDS of times, ESPECIALLY among the YOUNG, it is a FREE paid vacation of two weeks. THINK about it. That is TOO easy, and WHAT are the penalties for a LIE? There ARE NONE, only an INCENTIVE (paid 2 weeks off) NO, checks to make SURE that person is “quarantining, NOTHING) So say said person had NO further symptoms, what happens THEN? NOTHING except INFLATING a case or CASES via contact tracing, and the original person would be marked as Covid positive ASYMPTOMATIC.

AH, now we see the GAMES being played. Now i will go FURTHER. Supposedly in my state YESTERDAY, there were 566 “new cases” out of @11000 tested giving my state a 5 % positive rate. Which btw, is NOTHING, that means 95% DID NOT test positive. But, i digress to my POINT, as to the FIRST example of a PHONE CALL being labeled a “positive” WITHOUT a visit or TEST. WHO is getting these 11000 daily “tests”?

I happen to live near SEVERAL testing sites, there is NEVER anyone in LINE. As I showed, people are NOT getting “tested AT the doctors office, they tell them to NOT come in. They are NOT getting tested at the HOSPITALS either, as there would be LINES at the ER. I submit these “tests” are NOT happening, they are ALL a lie. Oh, there may be SOME usage, but NOWHERE NEAR 11000 in a state of @ 4 million. See THAT math is TOO convenient. 4 million divided by 11000 = 363 OR nearly ONE year. Seems to ME that someone simply DIVIDED the population by 365 and CAME UP with a number of tests needed; 4 million divided by 365 = 10959, TOO close to be an “accident”

So, I now for REAL WORLD experience cannot believe in the “testing” numbers or percentages. If I cannot believe in the testing numbers, I cannot BELIEV IN THE POSITIVE results. Coincidentally, the deaths are NOT rising EITHER, the LISTED 7 new yester day after ZERO the day before.

See THIS game they are playing with numbers and “stats” has an EXPIRATION date. As I said, IF they continue at THIS pace, in my state, they will have tested EVERY many woman and child in LESS than 1 year. What do they do THEN? Start retesting? Right, see the game. EVENTUALLY there will be every man woman and child “infected” THEN WHAT?

Ah, NOW you see the FALLACY in their game, it has a FIXED denominator and END date, that they CANNOT move. Eventually EVERY American will be tested, and found “positive” a statistical IMPOSSIBLITY. The virus will LONG have burned itself out from mutation and herd immunity BEFORE THEN, and there will be no NEED for their billion dollar “vaccine” That is what you GET when you perpetuate a LIE with MORE lies, on an exponential scale to try and further an AGENDA, that HAS an expiration date, Nov 3 2020.

I submit, the LIES lie in the NUMBERS. Covid PEAKED, and DIED in late April. ALL this “new outbreak”, including the LISTED deaths are FUDGED, BIGLY too. The people are STARTING to wake to the FRAUD of the “cases” among the YOUNG set, NO overwhelmed hospitals, NO massive REAL deaths, ALL NUMBERS.

Think, to skew the numbers as we have SEEN and CAUGHT them doing, all it takes is a simple math “error” of 5%, or a single factor of TEN (one decimal point) 9 becomes 90, 90 becomes 900, 900 becomes 9000, and 9000 becomes 90000, as we SAW in Florida.

It would not even take a LARGE effort at EVERY site, just a few key BUSY sites. like ALL 80 in Orlando being POSITIVE. I want you to THINK. In Orlando a LARGE, highly populous, and highly transitional city, constantly having people come and go from abroad. they tested EIGHTY. In my state, they tested 11000. Without doing even MORE math, I think you see that SOMETHING is ROTTEN in the numbers. I think in my city they SAID they had 266 new cases, which is HALF my state total, which would make our positivity rate astronomical, because ALL 11000 tests were NOT conducted HERE, I bet they TRY to say that HALF of the tests were here, but that is IMPOSSIBLE. We have THREE main testing sites in this city, they test 8 hrs or so a day, NO ONE is EVER in the TWO near me, which leaves ONLY the one downtown 5000/8 hrs = 265 per HOUR…NO WAY, people are not even GOING downtown do to the PROTESTS, and the testing center there is right smack in the MIDDLE of it. See, I have more than circumstantial evidence and conjecture, the numbers do NOT add up, they are MADE up.

Someone somewhere is “weighting” these numbers, I have my bets as to the St Dir of Health, he is a FLAMING liberal. Someone is taking a SMALL sample, and EXTRPOLATING it to a LARGER number, I will BET my gopher suit on it, we just NEED to catch them, and believe me we WILL. Just looking at my small synopsis above makes me MORE convinced and MORE suspicious!

If it is happening in MY dem controlled, but SMALL state, it most DEFINATELY is happening in FL, TX, CA, GA, and ELSEWHERE. Someone help me out, take a state, do the math on THEIR positivity, their testing numbers, ands SEE if it does the same thing, multiply the number of daily tests, SEE if it divides neatly to the @ population of your state, I bet it DOES, they ALL follow the SAME playbook.

Numbers are JUST numbers folks, it takes PEOPLE to manipulate them, and my bet is that is EXACTLY what is happening, but I think I caught them here. Hell I bet we could stake out the testing centers, add up the numbers of ACTUAL visitors, and it would be NOWHERE near the “reported numbers. We KNOW they are NOT testing widescale in doctors offices or hospital, if we can prove they are NOT testing the numbers reported at the testing centers, we HAVE them. Remember, a FEW small “errors” can make for one BIG error at the end. THAT is how they are and have been doing it.

I submit that Covid is FAILING, and that is why they are trying to recycle Fauci, AGAIN, This time, after people have began the pushback on MASKS, they are going to try to be MORE restrictive. See the masks did NOT kill the economy, it was meant to keep us IN and AFRAID to go out if nothing more than inconvenience. It IS NOT working. People are either adapting to, or flat out refusing wearing masks, and going about LIFE, the economy IS starting to BOOM again. Can’t have that, not even WITH the manipulated above numbers.

So what is the NEW narrative? Now, you need to wear not only a mask, but a FACE SHIELD. LOL, c’mon folks, FOOL me ONCE, shame on you, FOOL me TWICE, shame on ME. It is meant to be even MORE of a stigmata, an inconvenience, and ANOTHER restriction via FEAR. My answer? What happened to GLOVES FOOLS? My son , said that one months ago? “What about the gloves, dad, what happened to THAT?”

They ALWAYS overreach folks, and IF they try this, that will be the END. People will simply say, WAIT, I went out since MARCH without a face shield, WHY DO I NEED ONE NOW! Ah, NOW you see the IDIOCY in the entire NARRATIVE. You NEED X, you get x, but NOTHING happens, so you NOW need x and y, but wait, we did not NEED Y before, and NOTHING happened. People will SEE this because they are ALREADY seeing the mask farce, but the left HAS to push it, because a roaring econo0my makes Trump UNBEATABLE, and they KNOW IT.

Just heard. 59 MILLION tests so far, @820000 per DAY. nation wide. Think old P Rex is full of it, what do you think 820000 x 365=? 299,300,000. Now add 59,000,000 already tested. That equals 358,300,000 or the approximate number of each American citizen + or – the error for retests and the approximate number of illegal alien’s in country. The listed number of Americans is estimated at 330,000,000 + @ 20,000,0000 estimated illegals. Coincidence? NO.

I TOLD you, they ALL have the SAME playbook by the SAME central planners, my bet the CDC. So now my quick math extrapolates CLOSELY to both my state, KY;s numbers and the NATIONAL numbers. That is TOO “coincidental to be “random” or happenstance. It is A coordinated FRAUD. I now encourage you ALL to do your own states numbers, see if they add up the SAME way. If they do, and I am betting they WILL, we HAVE the pattern, we then just need to expose it.

2 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies, and Covid Statistics.

  1. Fauci, CDC, FDA and Gates used OMITTED VARIABLE FRAUD to slam HCQ. Without zinc and used to late in the course of the disease, the ‘studies’ were DESIGNED to FAIL.

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