The END is NIGH, and not for the world, for the Cabal virus narrative.

The guy that wrote the original farcdemic “projections, from imperial University, which SNOWED the WORLD, has NOW revised his forecast for the UK,  . Originally, he said OVER 500000 UK DEATHS, now he has “revised” his numbers to 29000. But WAIT, it gets BETTER….fully HALF of them, he states, were going to DIE BEFORE the end of the year REGARDLESS of Covid 19. Let me translate, those people who got this, ( I am starting to think they didn’t “get” it, they were GIVEN it) would have DIED ANYWAY because they ALREADY had another terminal disease or ailment.

look HERE:
Now, keep in mind TWO things, they did NOT yet list the REVISED US numbers (conveniently). We are a full TWO weeks and MUCH more restricted than the UK. Now, WHAT does that tell you about OUR over projected 1.9 MILLION deaths. That’s right, it is ALL bullshit….The deaths ARE real, ands so is the virus, but this IS as I have said, a BAD case of the flu, NOT the Spanish flu. They used our openness, and our inherent goodness and caring for each other, AGAINST us, fueled by BULLSHIT “scientists” and BIGGER BULLSHIT “projections” and fanned to a firestorm by a compliant propaganda MSM AND the radical left.
They used a REAL disease, one that I now more than EVER believe was a created event, SEEDED us while under the COVER of an impeachment. Conveniently downplayed the ORIGINAL warnings, origin of the disease, AND attacked Trump when he took BOLD decisive, action to STOP the problem from being WORSE.
The problem was we were ALREADY seeded BEFORE the ban, we ALL got it, and now Oxford (another UK institution..HMMM) has done a study that CONFIRMS my suspicions, we were ALL seeded WAY earlier than we were told, and there were MANY more people who got it, didn’t know it, and SPREAD it far and wide. The Oxford study believes that the UK has already PEAKED, and they are TWO weeks behind us, What do you think that means HERE.  Look HERE:
We were SNOWED folks. revisions to the LIES will not be good enough to me and all those that lost their livelihoods and had their freedoms infringed, and those that DIED or were very ill for their little op.
If ANYONE needed ANY reinforcing confirmation of this OP, after ALL the data that I, Daughn, Gail, GA/FL and YOU have posted, hear THIS. Hillary Clinton, the VILE one, is NOW ATTACKING Trumps efforts, AND calling for a NATIONWIDE shutdown for TWO MONTHS. Obama, the OTHER evil one, ALSO came out with the SAME thing and told Americans to simply stay home.

Look here again, thanks to the Gateway Pundit and Mr Hoft.

That, coupled with ALL else we know, tells me this is a FARCDEMIC. The Hillary and Obama comments SEALED it. It was ALL a REAL virus, put to a MASSIVE lie to give us to WILLINGLY give up our freedoms, and to CRASH the greatest economy the world has seen.
Now there WILL be some who say (Hi Steve, waiting for it LOL) that “Wait, how could we have been seeded earlier, look at NY and CA.” Answer, we were RESEEDED there in Feb. It would be EASY to do it with international ports and airports, LARGE immigrant populations, leftist Govs, mayors and local officials, AND sanctuary cities and those policies.
EASY to redo. Only problem, once this is done, and it LOOKS like NY IS moderating, they will have NOTHING. I suspect they WILL TRY to reseed once Trump reopens the country, probably starting Monday. BUT, that was why the chloroquine tests AND supplies were SO massive, and SO LARGE. They KNOW they will try to reseed as soon as the country reopens, to say Trump acted too soon, and that the 2nd wave is “worse” and it will ALL be Trump’s fault. You heard it from ME first.
One problem, the cure of chloroquine and z pak is prophylactic. That means it will be used to PREVENT new infections, by the MILLIONS. just like a vaccine, without the genetic and RFD monkeying around. And Trump has ordered (gotten but believe me he ASKED) over 150 MILLION doses of Chloroquine from Bayer, Mylin, and Israel.
That coupled with those that have ALREADY been infected, and RECOVERED, and are now IMMUNE, will prove the END of the Cabal viral weapon. WATCH.
Oh, plus, the economy is going to explode WELL over 30000 DOW, the jobs will EXPLODE as critical supplies, will now be made HERE. Then there will be the PENT up demand for EVERYTHING, including vacations, leisure time, etc, as a MONTH of cabin fever combined with SPRING and NO sports, WILL lead to a BOOM.

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