Mifsud is VERY important, he may SING to save himself.

Now I know who was hiding Mifsud, our own people. Remember that his whereabouts were unknown throughout 2017 and much of 2018, now you know why, OUR State Dept was hiding him, probably in Italy. Mifsud is a timeline problem for the Cabal. He and Halper were running their op on Papadopolous in April and May 2016 in London. Nearly THREE months BEFORE the counter intel operation known as Crossfire Hurricane began (July 31 2017). They did not want to talk AT ALL about Mifsud, so they hid him.

Remember that the predicate for Crossfire was supposedly Papadopolus meeting with a “Russian agent” (Mifsud) . Watch Maria Bartiromo’s show today, Nunez NAILED IT, just like I did. How can PAPA be the predicate BEFORE Crossfire began? How can they ask him in APRIL and MAY about things that did not occur yet. Wikileaks (which is what Nunez was referring to on Hillary’s emails and Russia having them) did not publish them until JULY 2016, which is when Crossfire was supposed to be the BEGINNING of the counter intel opps.

This ALL began BEFORE 2016 and WAY BEFORE July 2016. That is their timeline problem, and it is why they ALL want Mifsud and PAPA to go away. They KNOW that he is out of the timeline, but they are BOXED into it because dumbass Shiff put Papa in his Rebuttal to the Nunez memo as being THE beginning of Crossfire and NOT the FISA on Carter Page BASED ON the “Steele” dossier as Nunez rightly put in his memo.  They had to have something to protect that dossier at all costs, it is the weak link.  They had no more NSA access, so they had to use “other means”, I am CERTAIN that this as well as the NSA database access had ALL happened well before 2016.  These are the “sources and methods”  the Cabal keep trying to protect, because they all lead right to Obama.

They were STUPID enough to write ALL their misdeeds down, thinking it would somehow later be justified. That is what the others like Hannity, Rush, Levin, Carter, and Solomon  have not gotten to yet, though Nunez and Jordan are both pulling them in the right direction (April 2015 is my bet). The Cabal  NEVER thought Trump would win, and when he did, they thought they could “blackmail” him out before he could discover and reveal the TRUTH. Now, they are FUBAR.  Remember ALL the stories and breathless reporting that Trump would be gone before 6 months?  Remember that Kerry and Obama were “shadowing” all Trumps early overseas diplomatic trips, thereby either trying or actually undermining Trump’s legitimacy. Now, we know why.  They thought this scheme was foolproof, it had OBVIOUSLY been tried and worked before MANY times, or they would not have been so confident and BRAZEN.
The whole problem is that this whole mess is based upon spying, lies, and coverups. The original NSA spying was in 2015 by Fusion GPS and Nellie Ohr. Rogers and Collyer stopped that, so they went to Brennan and his spies and attempted to setup Trump associates in London and elsewhere using those spies to “plant” info that made it look like Trump and his people were “colluding” with Russia. Those same spies harvested the planted info and fed it BACK TO IT’S SOURCE the CIA and John Brennan through the Five eyes back channels in the UK and Australia.  They even CAME BACK to Papadopolous a year later with Charles Tawil in an attempt to setup a money trail to bolster their lies.  PAPA was too smart, or perhaps he was informed by someone, we don’t yet know, but he beat them at their game thankfully, or this mess would be much worse.

The Mifsud setup is an OUTLIER in the timeline, and cannot be explained away because Shiff was stupid enough to use it in a BS counter memo. This whole thing is based on the original spying and the work product, the “Steele” dossier. Everything else has been meant to try and prove, justify, or corroborate it. Muller failed to verify anything in the dossier in over a full YEAR. So, he switched to obstruction because Trump was trying to PROVE his innocence and voicing his displeasure with being the victim of a COUP. The ONLY thing Trump obstructed was an INJUSTICE from occurring. Now the Cabal are scared shitless because they KNOW Barr is coming for them, and he is NOT fooking around. Barr has a damn good idea what happened, he just wants and needs concrete proof, and it is ALL there, he WILL get it and he will bring the Cabal to Justice, so they are somehow trying to diminish or smear Barr into being not credible or a “lackey” Barr is NEITER. He is going to NAIL these fools, and they damn well know it, hence PANIC.
Mueller was supposed to deliver the “goods” on Trump, and he whiffed. He also failed to do his other mission of covering up all the crimes committed by the Cabal. He ran out of time, thanks to RR being stupid by trying to wear a wire.  Is it not IRONIC that McCabe, a main player in the coup, helped bring about its demise by singing about RR trying to wear a wire and use the 25th amendment.  That single act allowed Trump to remove a feckless and compromised Sessions and put in Whittaker to STOP the bleeding, and then later put in Barr to bring JUSTICE.  Mueller put that bs “report” out hoping we the people would convict an innocent man (Trump) for trying to defend himself from the coup and traitors aligned in and around his administration. We the people spoke, and agreed Trump was INNOCENT of all charges.

Their fall back plan of having Congress (the House) reopen and continue this farce was then OVER. So, the Cabal went about trying to smear the messenger Barr, and hope to delay or prevent JUSTICE. Too late. Too many now know the TRUTH that I do, this was sedition, TREASON, and a coup brought about by the previous President Barack Obama to cover up HIS crimes and protect HIS “legacy” Hillary was merely and evil mini me means to an end, to Obama it was NEVER about HER, it was all about HIM. This will make Watergate look like a minor squabble at a senior citizens Bingo parlor on wed night.

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