The False Flag of ALL false Flags

Notice the narrative NOW. ALMOST THERE, just two more weeks, and then another 2 week, and another. Constant goal post shifting, DESPITE the FACT that as more REAL info comes out on this virus, it gets less and less the Plague of the 21st century, and MORE and MORE nearly the EXACT same spread and mortality of the seasonal flu, as I said all along.

I have come to the realization that this ALL was a false flag. They used their OWN bio weapon, started in NC, paid for by our NIH, transported to China, and released there first and IRAN as a quelling of rebellion agent. NO ONE seems to recall all the protesting in both Hong Kong and the entire country of Iran. Revolutions were under way. As was ANOTHER uprising. The Brexit, and then rumors of ITALY and others like France and some of the other old Soviet block countries. The EU was about to ALSO be broken up, one way or the other.

The US was ascendant, thanks to Trump, and Capitalism and FREEDOM were on the march. They were spreading like wildfire as peace and prosperity became in vogue. Globalism was on the wane in Brazil, Italy, Poland, the UK, the US and others. People who were NOT free like France, Iran, and Germany were beginning to rebel.

There were “yellow vest” protests in France for MONTHS over the globalist agenda, and taxes by Macron.  No major outlet in the US reported on any of theses, despite that every weekend, the protests of 10000 people or more were marching down the champs de Elyse in Paris, wearing their yellow vests, burning police cars, and having to be repelled with tear gas.

We know a little about the protests in Hong Kong where tens of thousands were marching and striking against the Mayor, who tried to impose extradition for any crimes in Hong Kong to mainland China.  This was sparsely covered, and eventually Xi relented, and had the puppet Mayor rescind the order.

We have heard little about the protests in Germany and Sweden, but they resembled the “Yellow vest” protests in France.  They were against open immigration by Muslims into their country, and “no go” zones being instituted where Sharia law trumped local law. They were growing in size and scope just before the outbreak.

In the UK, there were MASSIVE Brexit protests, threatened strikes, and a general unrest as Theresa May had stalled the will of her people for 3 years.  That lead directly to her ouster and the change to Johnson who VOWED to have a HARD no deal Brexit by Oct 31 2019.  Then, despite establishment obfuscation and stalling, which forced a 2nd election Between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbin.  An election that the Brexit favoring and conservative Trump ally CRUSHED his opponent, the Labor and stay candidate.  His party was reduced to its lowest levels since WW2.

We ALL know of the Trumpian revolution here, and the massive economic revival, lead by MAIN STREET over Wall St.  Other Trump like leaders were swept in in Brazil, India, Japan, Poland, Hungary, and Italy.  ALL with populist agendas, NOT Globalist ones.

That is why I say this was ALL a world wide false flag.  Not one without death, that was needed.  to spread the FEAR necessary to institute their evil plan.  I believe they had ALWAYS planned this type of “event” as a final solution when they were on their last legs.

The Cabal IS a globalist concoction. Its members are ALL globalists and open border proponents of Socialistic economies, government, and tactics.  They had LONG plANNED THE New World Order.  One where their were NO borders, and one controlled by a central group of players who would get RICH, while the rest of the WORLD starved.

Think that is a conspiracy?  Look up the 1969 Bilderberg speech of Nelson Rockefeller.  It will SHOCK and scare the shit out of you.  This has been LONG planned, and slowly instituted by people inside certain Governments and countries. Slowly they would begin the degradation of the Capitalistic system.  They would erode the traditional family, infiltrate Governments at every level from local to State. They would attack religion, especially Christianity, leading to the degrading of morals, and the very belief and faith in God.

They would promote Abortion, a virtual genocide of innocent who had NO voice to protect them, it was after all a “woman’s body” and HER choice.  I always say to these people, does the BABY get a choice? Because I am pretty sure it would say I want to LIVE.

They would take over our institutions like Hollywood, the free Press, the Main Stream Media (TV) and our own politicians. They would do so by the use of MONEY.  Those that could not be bought were attacked, smeared, set up, and eventually removed.

They would manipulate the populace by creating a victim and verses culture.  Whites were pitted against Blacks, or Asians, or Latinos, Or what ever other race or creed, like Muslims, could be used to be “oppressed” by the evil white people.

They furthered that agenda by subsets of rich vs poor, man vs woman, straight vs, gay, young vs old, and America vs the world. Each had an “oppressor” and a “victim” .  They were kept in a constant state of uproar.  The oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer.  “A House divided cannot stand”, or “United we stand, divided we fall.”  We all were kept fighting and or envious of each other. That was to keep us from seeing that we were being stolen from, manipulated, and CONTROLLED.   WE had become the victims, the oppressors were the Globalists and their New World Order agenda.  We were too busy fighting each other to see it.  Right according to plan.

The 1990s began to see the Globalists start to realize their evil agenda.  The Fall of the Soviet Union, and subsequent break up of the Soviet block, and the reunification of East and West Germany were the starts. The European Union was formed by former eastern block countries, the UK, France, a unified Germany, and at that time even a defanged Russia was included.  Bill Clinton had taken over from George HW Bush, and began to undo all that Reagan had done to re-instill America to her former glory,

He pased NAFTA, giving away most of America’s manufacturing to Mexico, Europe, Canada, and China.  The “giant sucking sound” that Ross Perot warned us about had began.  Clinton went further, he outsourced critical manufacturing to China, and got them in the World Trade Organization, and a seat on the UN.  He then gave them “most favored nation” trade status, which would put them on the path to world domination, and diminish America’s status as the lone superpower.

China and the EU would begin slowly building their own economies by STEALING ours.  They became the manufacturing hubs, while we outsourced it ALL.  Jobs and prosperity began to LEAVE America, but the dot com bubble, lead by Silicon Valley, and Wall Street, muted the damage being done to main street and our manufacturing base and CULTURE would not show itself for another 10 years,   China would become a manufacturing juggernaut, and began to structure their Communistic, yet feudal society into a still Communist controlled, but mercantile based economy, with the US the prime “benefactor” and TARGET.   They began to not only surpass our manufacturing capacity, and dwarf our GDP, they began to STEAL our innovation and technology to do it.

Clinton did NOT stop them, hell, he AIDED them. He GAVE away lots of our tech to China for FREE.   That included MILITARY tech.  He enabled them to become the MOSTER that they are now.  He did not CARE, like most other politicians then, he was on China’s payroll. There were NUMREOUS scandals involving China and the Clintons.  They all were swept away as vast right wing conspiracies, yet they ALL came TRUE.

Clinton and the globalists also sought about empowering OPEC and other oil producers like Venezuela.  They were ALLOWED to manipulate the flow of oil, the lifeblood of most modern economies, and price fix the cost to America, despite the fact that the US had just as much oil as the other oil producers, we just weren’t allowed to get it, thanks to “Environmental” restrictions.  Another weakening of America.  In 1994 the Montreal compact was signed by Bill Clinton.  That made the US subservient to “ozone depleting gases, like Hydrofluorocarbons, and CO2.  Restrictions were put on the US, limiting our ability to produce those chemicals, AND limiting our emissions. The REST of the world, like China, Mexico, India, Africa, etc., had NO such restrictions.  IF this sounds FAMILIAR, it should, the NEW version of that was the Paris Accord, which Trump SMARTLY, and RIGHTLY pulled us out of.  It would have CRIPPLED what was left after Montreal and NAFTA, the PLAN of the Globalists.   China was CHOSEN by the Globalists to be THE foil to the US.

China was MADE a power by Bill Clinton and the rest of the Globalist New World Order.  Their PROXY, North Korea was given nuclear tech by the US and Bill Clinton.  This was enabled so that China could literally be “appeased” by US because they were the counter balance to NK.  In reality, Clinton ENABLED NK to be empowered nuclearly as a WEAPON by China AGAINST the Us.   Each time Chin needed to be “appeased” or counter an attack on their new monopoly, they would instruct NK to “act up” and threaten South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. ALL manufacturing competition TO China.  Then, like clock work, we would “appease” China so that “trilateral” talks could begin to “calm down” NK and it’s “threats” to their neighbors and the world.  In essence, China was GOOD cop, NK was BAD cop.  The ploy ALWAYS worked, even after Clinton was gone.  George W Bush and Obama ALWAYS relented and deferred actions on NK to CHINA.  China was empowered, and rewarded financially or by looking the other way on their graft.  JUST as China had planned.  ONLY Trump dared buck that narrative.  He not only BUCKED it, he DESTROYED it. H, rightly realized the GAME China was using, and the PAWN they were using against us (NK).  Trump upset their applecart by RIGHTLY holding the puppeteer accountable for the ACTIONS of the puppet.  China could NO LONGER be good cop to NK’s bad cop, instead they were rightly labeled as the owner of the dog, and WOULD be held responsible if the dog bit someone.

That brings us to where we are NOW.  China, the Globalists proxy, was the FIRST target of Trump.  He attacked their graft and theft of intellectual property.  He labeled THEM as master of ALL NK’s malice. He began systematically DESTROYING their manufacturing monopoly, and ESPECIALLY OUR dependence on that.  There were MANY actions.

He went to Saudi Arabia, and got the King in line on the oil manipulation.  This was FIRST, as it gave us a BASIS and a starting point to our recovery.  Energy, especially OIL and LNG production.  WE would become independent from OPEC, and Globalist controlled communist countries like Venezuela.  We would become DIRECT competition to them, producers, NOT consumers.  Then Trump went to Israel, and Jordan, he let them in on the plan, to become a foil against Globalism, OPEC, and dictatorships.

Then he set about SELLING our new assets, LNG, to places like Poland, Hungary, and other eastern block countries.  WE became a FOIL to OPEC and actually Russia, who had always controlled Europe by threatening and manipulating the cost and supply of oil to them, especially in winter (heating oil).  Trump also at this time focused on Syria, and the genocide their. I believe that genocide, by Russia, Syria, Iran, and ISIS was nothing more than a road clearing for a potential oil pipeline through Iran and Syria to Turkey, also having difficulties with the influx of Muslims and the rise of Erdogan. The play was to clear out Syria and the populace (genocide) to make way for that pipeline.  It would be another route into Eastern Europe.  Trump literally blew all that up.  He destroyed the ORIGINAL proxies used to do the job, ISIS.  HE then neutered Syria, Russia, and Iran, in a span of 3 weeks.  Isis was destroyed, the “genocide” by Assad was stopped, Iran and Russia were kicked out, you remember the 58 cruise missiles?

Do you THINK that was about gassing children?  NO, it was a MESSAGE, a LOUD one.  We can and WILL fly our cruise missiles right up Russia’s skirt, and their BEST radar, and destroy whatever we need to, nothing they could do.  Then, we blew up the Iranian ammo dump in Syria.  At that same time about 200 Russian “mercs” were  annihilated “by accident” by a squad of US black hawks.  ALL part of the message, there is a NEW boss, and HIS redlines mean something.  The Russia/Iran/Syria/ Turkey pipeline was SCRAPPED.  Instead a pipeline from Cypress, and Israel was chosen, and began.  Remember that Trip to Israel and Jordan? There you go. Now, the Us was on its way, with the opening of formerly closed environmentally restricted areas and fracking, and completing of the North Dakota and TPP pipelines.  We were SET to become the LEADING producer of energy in the WORLD.  We now had the FOUNDATION for our coming economic boom, and the supporting funding AND materials, OIL.

Trump then moved on to the second part of the plan, undoing NAFTA.  Part of that entailed securing the southern border, and that began the lengthy fight over the wall.  The wall serves SEVERAL functions.  One, it provided physical security from invasion and illegal immigration.  Two it served to slow down to a choke point or even STOP the flow of illegal drugs from Latin America like pot and cocaine.  It ALSO stopped the flow of fentanyl from CHINA through Mexico.

The wall also served to stymie the real problem of child and human trafficking. All of this was a check on the open borders of Globalism.  He forced Mexico to secure their borders because of the mere THREAT of a tariff on their imported goods.  The stopping of monies from drugs, human trafficking, and illegal immigration was a huge blow to the Globalists “secret” funding.  What?  You thought the wall opposition was all about free voters for Dems?  NO, it was ALL about cutting off Globalist Cabal sources of money AND the human trafficking and drugs that were killing our people, silently.  More people have died from opioids and Fentanyl  than from Covid 19.  Yes, I am not kidding, the REAL numbers of Covid 19 are PADDED, and padded BIGTIME.  No one cared that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from opioid and Fentanyl overdoses, that is HIDDEN from public consumption by the sycophant MSM.   The wall HURT the Globalists and China.  It stopped their money flows, and it took away their sick flow of slaves.

Now, Trump had his foundation in energy, his barrier to stop the Globalists drugs, trafficking, and money.  He set about undoing NAFTA.  NAFTA was exploited by China, the EU, and the Globalists.  It not only took American jobs, money, and  manufacturing, it was a double hit to our economy as one way tariffs TO China, the EU, Mexico, and Canada were in place.  Tariffs of US goods OUT, but the China and EU goods IN were exempt from US reciprocation via the NAFTA loophole.  Items were MADE rawly in China and the EU, and then ASSEMBLED in Canada and Mexico, and shipped to the US tariff free.

Trump REPLACED NAFTA, and he imposed Tariffs ON Mexico and China to GET them to agree to it.  He CLOSED that loophole.  Not only that, he put reciprocal tariffs on Mexico and Canada goods that did NOT come from China or the EU, that DIRECTLY hurt Canada and Mexico, they were forced into renegotiation for THEIR survival.  China and the EU became a secondary objective.  The USMCA, worked out deals directly with Mexico and Canada INDIVIDUALLY.  China was left in the cold, and things like Autos that the EU (Germany) and China were gouging the US on using the NAFTA loopholes were MASSIVELY tariffed by Trump, making them CHEAPER for them to actually come BACK to the US to be made.  Jobs and manufacturing from Canada and Mexico would begin to return to the US, and even MORE would be planned. Now Trump had the loophole closed, the foundation of energy in place, AND a new trade deal benefitting the US and cutting OUT China and the EU.  HE was getting jobs and FACTORIES back to the US, AWAY from globalist control.

Then Trump began to attack the beast of Globalism at it’s HEART.  He neutered their puppet in NK by directly confronting NK.  He even MET Kim Jung UN IN NK.  He began to talk PEACE, but peace through STRENGTH.  HE promised NK and more importantly CHINA that ANY action by NK against the US, its allies, or NK’s neighbors would be considered an attack on the US, and would be retaliated with MASSIVELY against NK AND that China would be held ACCOUNTABLE as well.  NK, backed down, so did China.  Oh, they would act up, testing a short range missile now and again, but they REMEMBERED  the message from Trump, and it was visceral, that “collapse” of the main NK testing facility and the military base NEXT to it, along with 200 or so of NK’s top nuclear scientists, was not a “natural” occurrence, and served as a visual reminder to Kim, AND china.  What?  you bought the MSM and establishment line that that event was an “accident” or a result of repeated testing (20 years)?  LOL, no that was a MESSAGE, just like the Iranian ammo dump implosion, just like the 58 cruise missiles. Plausibly deniable, but wholly instructive to the bad guys.  We CAN get you, ANYTIME, and ANYWHERE.  Screw with us at your PERIL.

Then, after the “guard dog” was neutered.  The Wall was underway and stopping the secret flows of cash.  The Energy was being produced in record numbers, AND exported, OPEC and Venezuela and others were muted.   The USMCA was in place, and NAFTA was no more cutting off the loophole to steal American money, jobs, and technology.  Trump then went right at Xi.

He began directly tariffing Chinese imports, BIGLY too, with incremental INCREASES in the pipe, unless China came to the table.  For the first time in years, the Chinese were forced to RELENT from their one belt on road agenda.  They eventually, after a brief trade war that they LOST (you cannot tariff US imports of FOOD when you DO NOT grow enough to feed your people), came to the table and said “matai” (Uncle or I give up).

ALL of this did NOT happen in a vacuum.  The globalists were ACTIVELY observing, plotting, and had enacted MANY schemes to stop Trump.  They tried to stop him from even BEING elected with the phony dossier, spying, and propaganda surrounding it by their OWNED MSM.

When that FAILED, they went about concocting a 2 year coverup and legal attack on then President Trump.  You know it as Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller report.  Trump was attacked via his friends, family, and team.  He had many people set up to try and get them to “turn” on him.  People like General Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and even Roger Stone.  ALL setups.  ALL orchestrated as both a coverup of the original spying and SMEAR that was intended to get Trump to withdraw BEFORE becoming President, and then a “legal” coverup of those actions AND an attempt to get others to lie on Trump, and or give them something to be USED legally against him.

When those attempts FAILED, despite draconian Stazi tactics like isolation, implicating family members (Flynn) and suborning perjury and malicious over prosecution (Flynn, Manafort, Cohen) for “prior” unrelated crimes, including process crimes. The Cabal tried perjury traps against Donald Trump Jr, and even set up an obstruction of justice trap for Trump involving Comey and Rosenstein.  ALL failed.  The roadblock of a neutered Sessions and an out of control Rosenstein was eventually removed and replaced by Whittaker and then Barr when confirmed,  Mueller was later revealed to have been and old, out of touch, out of the loop, figurehead.

Immediately AFTER  Barr had ENDED the investigation, declined to prosecute ANYONE in the Trump sphere, including Trump, Mueller submitted his report, clearing Trump of ANY obstruction and ANY “collusion” with Russia.  Then Mueller had his disastrous show hearing before Congress and the dem controlled House.  Muller was proved either a FRAUD or an incompetent boob that despite 2 years and nearly 40 million, had FAILED to get THE target. Trump.

Guess what happened the DAY after the Muller hearing?  That’s right, the Phone call between Trump and Zelenski over Ukraine.  The Whistle blower narrative was started.  ALL another sham.  Conducted in secret closed star chamber House hearings lead by Adam Schiff, a key Cabal member that had done so much to attack Devin Nunes and his justified revealing of the DOSSIER as the start of spygate.  Schiff also had Nunes temporarily removed from his House Intelligence Chair, over BOGUS “ethics” complaints when Nunes went to the WH SCIFF to SEE the Obama PDB that REVEALED the entire scheme the vehicle used, AND the TOP players, including Obama.  Schiff SAW the exact document Nunes saw, and he rebuffed it, filed his ethics complaint on Nunes,, and THEN released a BULLSHIT counter memo to Nunes 4 page REVEAL of the dossier being the vehicle used to blueprint spygate.

Schiff would be the main impetus to the “Shampeachment” He would hold secret testimony, away from the public and Media in a locked secure room (no electronics permitted) in the House basement.  Questions would be lead by Dems, and Republican questioning of the questions and questioners was shut down by SCHIFF himself.

Trump was denied due process, representation of Counsel, and the openness of a fair hearing.  Schiff ruled it with and Iron hand, and selectively leaked testimonies that would appear to hurt Trump, while suppressing and hiding ones that would exonerate Trump.  It was a partison shit show that the Nazi’s and Soviets would have been envious of.   Trump was railroaded, and he didn’t even get to hear it OR face his accuser.  That moved on to the “open” proceedings using the Schiff testimonies, and conducted by another Cabal member and Trump Hater Jerry Nadler.

Nadler’s proceedings were equally as bad if not more so than Schiff’s. Opposition Republican questioning was shut down and the Dem and Cabal narrative was pushed by Nadler and a compliant MSM.  Nadler even allowed one “witness” to even be IN the questioning of Trump supporting witnesses.  Nadler was Judge, Jury, and he hoped executioner.  Trump did NOT get to face his accuser, and even the mere mention of the purported name of the whistle blower (Eric Ciaramella) was met with fury and shut down.

Trump was then put on “trial” in the House, and his defense, including Democrat revered lawyer, Alan Derschowitz were BRILLIANT, they shredded the Dem narrative, and eviscerated the process by Schiff and Nadler. Despite the unfairness and the brilliant defense by Trump’s lawyers totally undermining the dem accusations, Trump was recommended to be heard by the full House vote on the 2 articles.   (1) abuse of power, and (2) obstruction of Congress.  Both BULLSHIT. Subjective, thin, partisan, star chambered BULLSHIT.

Trump was voted along Partisan lines Impeached by the Dem Controlled House, who PUSHED the vote in just before the long Christmas break, Trump was Impeached without DUE process on Dec 18th 2019.  Pelosi was gleeful, as was Schiff.  Pelosi did NOT however immediately rush the articles to the Senate, no, she WAITED, despite the supposed URGENCY of the matter to get it done before Christmas, as stated by both Pelosi and Schiff.  The matter was URGENT.

Pelosi, did NOT however issue the Articles to the Senate, as required upon return from the long Christmas break.  She WAITED until Jan 15th 202o to do it, after trying to strong Arm Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell into doing the trial “their way” with full NEW witness testimony.  McConnell, rightly. told Pelosi to “piss up a rope” this was the SENATE’S duty now, her responsibility and power ENDED the moment that it went to the Senate.  House managers included Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler.

After much rankling the Senate denied 11 amendment requests along partisan lines to add new witness testimony, and to vote on the 2 bull shit articles. This was Jan 21st 2020.

On Feb 5th 2020 Trump was acquitted of BOTH articles by a majority of the Senate.  WELL short of the 67 needed for removal.

Now, what was going on in the world at this time?   That’s right, the Covid 19 narrative was started, with the purported patient zero arriving from Wuhan China into the US in Washington State on Jan 15th 2020, the EXACT day that Pelosi delivered her articles to the Senate, with much pomp and circumstance, she even passed out gold pens used to sign the articles.  NONE of it was worth the paper and ink used to sign it.

Now, knowing that there are NO coincidences, what are the ODDS that just as another failed Cabal attempt at taking out Trump was failing, and failing BADLY, the NEXT narrative would already be in process?  Infinitesimal.

I maintain that ALL I have mentioned above was and IS a continued WAR by the Globalists, their Cabal, and their sycophant’s.  These are NOT isolated events, stacked so NEATLY in a timeline.  NO, these are ALL one long protracted series of events and attacks.  ALL designed to remove Trump.  By ANY means necessary.

The last event, the Covid 19 False Flag, began BEFORE the previous attack of “shampeachment” had even ended.  They were and ARE desperate.  Nov 3rd time is SHORT.   They had to keep Trump from being re elected, and having the potential of having BIG coat tails and regaining the House AND widening majority in the Senate.

Trump will SURELY do both if they do not stop him. Plus he already has a Federal appeal conservative judicial armada in place, with more coming EACH day.  He ALREADY had strengthened the Conservative bent on the SCOTUS with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.  He is almost ASSURED to add one more, most probably the seat of far leftist Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  That would flip the Conservative bent to 6-3 for at least the foreseeable future, and in a 2nd term, aged Conservative stalwart Clarence Thomas could retire for someone younger, ensuring a YOUNG conservative 6-3 conservative advantage for a generation or more. The Cabal and Globalists could NOT risk that, that coupled with Trump and a large Senate and House of Republicans could undo the entire Globalist agenda achieved in the last 50 years.  They were SO close with Obama, and Hillary was MEANT to win in 2016, and finish off America.  The LAST bastion for freedom and AGAINST Globalism, Socialism, and Communism.  Trump BLEW that all up, stopped, it, reversed the flow, and laid the foundations to TOTALLY wipe it out in a second term.

Sounds like the Globalists and the Cabal were DESPERATE doesn’t it.  They were and ARE.  They were desperate enough in my belief to mock event 201 in October 2019 right as the Whistleblower “inquiry was started”  Event 201 was to be the last resort fallback in the likely event that the Whistleblower based impeachment failed.  It was planned in CONJUNCTION with to be implemented concurrently. To be activated the moment that the impeachment was failing.

Event 201 funded by Bill Gates, was a ‘mock” pandemic event hosted by John’s Hopkins.

From their own website:

“The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

As if that were not scary enough.  This is their mission statement.

Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms.

The disease starts in pig farms in Brazil, quietly and slowly at first, but then it starts to spread more rapidly in healthcare settings. When it starts to spread efficiently from person to person in the low-income, densely packed neighborhoods of some of the megacities in South America, the epidemic explodes. It is first exported by air travel to Portugal, the United States, and China and then to many other countries. Although at first some countries are able to control it, it continues to spread and be reintroduced, and eventually no country can maintain control.”

“There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year. There is a fictional antiviral drug that can help the sick but not significantly limit spread of the disease.

Since the whole human population is susceptible, during the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling every week. And as the cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and societal consequences become increasingly severe.

The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.”

Now, What are the odds that not only would these people nearly 100% accurately predict the virus Genus (family).  (Novel Corona virus) Not only predict the virus would be much like SARS, attacked the respiratory system and lungs). Not only predict that the virus originated from BATS.  Not only predicted that the virus was VERY contagious,  and spread RAPIDLY among healthcare systems (Nursing homes ARE for the most part healthcare systems). Not only that it would be spread by air travel from Brazil to Portugal to CHINA and then to the US ( it went from China to Italy and SPAIN and then to the US) But that the spread would be more transmissible through communities through people with MILD symptoms. Then you simply have WAY too many coincidences in this “mock” event.  Couple that that the conveniently come up with an eerily similar number of deaths to the EARLY models (65 million) in 18 months.

Then you add in these INTERSTING tidbits.

” There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year. There is a fictional antiviral drug that can help the sick but not significantly limit spread of the disease.”

Hmm, sounds an AWFUL like the antiviral drug Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + Zinc, doesn’t it?  Is THAT why The Cabal, Fauci, Gates, and the MSM have went so STRONGLY against the HAZ combo?  do they KNOW it is the cure?  Are they trying to KEEP that from us?

As if ALL that wasn’t coincidental ENOUGH for even the most ARDENT of skeptics of theories like mine to take a pause, then you have THIS.  This ALL was mocked in October 2019, just as the Whistleblower fiasco was starting to boil AND a mere MONTH before the world would learn of the REAL virus that is so eerily similar to this “mock”.

That is too coincidental to even be believed.  These remember are the SAME people who cannot accurately predict the severity, family, or numbers of the SEASONAL Corona virus, the common cold or Flu. They also cannot produce an accurate vaccine for nearly ANY virus. Yet these SAME people NOT only nailed the exact family, exact symptoms, exact cause, exact spread pattern through travel, but the EXACT method of transmission through asymptomatic people.   Plus, they also nailed the social and economic impacts, as well as the social distancing protocols.  They also nail the “spread would not be controllable by ANY country once it hit the densely packed areas, like oh say, NY.

That is WAY too inconceivable to postulate.  The odds of ANYONE being able to get THAT much dead on, mere WEEKS to a MONTH before it actually happened are less than the sun fitting in a thimble in my wife’s sewing kit. INFINTESIMAL.

Now lets REALLY wrap this up in a neat little bow.  Guess who paid for the IHME study for which much of the doom and gloom predictions came from to start the hysteria and FEAR.  ?   The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Want MORE? How about WHO is tightly intertwined with the Gates foundation?  Dr Anthony Fauci.  Who advised Trump on the STUPID shutdown of the economy to prevent the deaths of MILLIONS of Americans, all based on IHME models?  The same Dr Fauci.

Want even MORE.  Guess who else is tied to the Gates foundation?  Fauci’s co conspirator “wingman” Dr. Deborah Birx.  Her daughter is a VP for the Gates Foundation.

Want MORE.  Who else is tied in to Bill Gates and his “foundation”  The World Health Organization. Who is tied into them?  Dr Fauci of course.

Now the ICING on the cake.  It is WIDELY speculated that the Covid 19 strain was developed in a study at the University of North Carolina.  It got “out of hand” and then was MOVED to China and the Wuhan BLS4 lab there to be continued by Dr-Shi-Zhengli

Check this out:

That means that the NIH, controlled by Dr Fauci, and under Obama,  FUNDED Dr Shi-Zhengli and her study in WUHAN on Coronavirus in BATS and how to up the GAIN of the virus and make it transmissible to HUMANS.  Started in NC, and MOVED to Wuhan after “something went wrong”.  Now, WHAT are the odds on ALL these same players being connected right up to being put on the WH Coronavirus task force?  NIL.  ZIP.  ZILCH.  NADA.  ZERO.

This was ALL planned.  Mocked to gauge community and government response.  Hyped to the NTH in FEAR by the MSM to the populace by spouting DOOM projections that CAME from IHME and the Gates mock even.  Then perpetuated by Dr Fauci and Dr Birx who are advising the President on the task force (incorrectly).

Fauci is in a unique position to mislead the President by his “mitigation” which will all but certainly HARM the herd immunity and guarantee a 2nd wave in the future.  Fauci can also obscure his part in the Wuhan funding.  He can also lead credibility to the BOGUS projections by IHME and John’s Hopkins, oh yeah, they are in on it too.  It was THEIR mock conference, they HOSTED it.  Now, they too are skewing numbers to keep it going.

Fauci is also a KEY propagandist FOR the Covid 19 event, as his FIRST comments were to DOWNPLAY the extent of Covid 19, just like his buddies at the WHO.  Now he serves to poor gloom on ANY goodnews.  He was against the use of HAZ this time.  But he sure was FOR it under the H1N1 under Obama in 2009. I guess that means he was for it before he was against it.  A typical Cabal response.  The ends justify the means, and by ANY means necessary.

ALL this virus was was a continuation of the nearly 4 year long operation to get Trump.  This time, instead of attacking Trump or his team.  They attacked his BASE.  We the forgotten men and women.  Main Street. The ones who helped GET Trump elected, and his BIGGEST proponents.

WE were the target.  First this virus hit the elderly HARD, they were disproportionally FOR Trump to the tune of 80%.  Then they attacked the economy by scaring people and Trump into doing the unthinkable, and actually shutting down, nearly entirely, the US economy that Trump and US had rebuilt from the depths of despair that were the Obama economy years.  The Main Street, the everyday entrepreneurs were shut off.  They KNEW we did not have the means to sustain ourselves like the big corps could.  We did not have the capital.  They KNEW that unemployment would SKYROCKET, as the disproportionate amount of businesses shut were Point of Service, IE SMALL businesses that serve mostly the public.  Places like  nail salons, hair salons, pet care, bars, restaurants, and anything and anyone that dealt with the public.  95% of small businesses.

Then as a “kicker” they also in conjunction with their little dictators in waiting, the dem Governors, shut down religious services, especially CHURCHES.  What was Trump’s record with Christian Churches and Evangelicals again?  Oh, right, somewhere north of 70%.  I am sure that too was just a coincidence.

ALL a setup folks. Yet another operation to get Trump, this time using a REAL virus, but one that does NOT live up to the hype.   This was supposed to be the plague of the 21st century.  A vast killer pandemic like in 1918 and the Spanish Flu.  One problem.  It is NOT.  As time goes on, the REAL numbers and the REAL truth continue to come out.  They show that we shutdown over a fearmongering projection.

But wait, P Rex, you say, what about those 56000 Us deaths.  Well, I feel for them.  their were inniocent PAWNS in this sick game by the Cabal and the Globalists.  But, The numbers are NOt, I repeat, NOT as high as they are being “advertised” They are being PADDED, and PADDED bigly, to keep the fear alive and enable the shutdowns to stay in place.

Birx, of all people, gave that up.  She said that there were deaths that were not FROM Covid 19, but just cointained Covid 19.  That is a BIG revelation.  People who die with something ELSE are being LABELED as Covid 19.  NY ALONE upped their totals by nearly 4000 deaths as “probable Covid 19”.  That means there was no POSITIVE test.  It was ASSUMED to be Covid.  As are MANY MANY more. ALL because the Hospitals get paid $13000 for EACH Covid patient and $36000 for EACH Covid Ventilator patient.  see the hysteria over having “enough” ventilators.  The hospitals are doing it for the MONEY, as nearly all other sources of income from them have been shutdown.  ALL covid 19 ALL the time.  The Dems KNEW this, that is why it was so EASY to pass the first relief bill.  It focused on the HOSPITALS and BIG business.  Notice how much STALLING was done on the 2nd bill, and the subsequent refunding, because THAT bill focused on SMALL businesses..IE Trump voters.   Would ANY human being, in the midst of a world killer pandemic DARE to play politics with peoples LIVES? NO. Not even the Dems.  Too much risk, too much accountability and animus risk.

Covid 19 was created along WITH its vaccine, which was hoped to be released later, once we and Trump, were sufficiently destroyed.  Just in time for the hopeful new DEM President to get the glory, and end the “disease”.  They would not care about the people they KILLED, ALLOWED to die, and whose livelihoods and businesses were lost through NO action of their OWN.  Sick.  Q and Trump have BOTH told us these people are sick and EVIL.  They are PROVING it.

Covid 19 will be the GREATEST fraud perpetrated on the WORLD in human history.  It is no more lethal or contaigious than the common flu, but it’s “unknown” status was USED to spread the fear.  ALL new versions of the Coronavirus (flu) are unknown, as they mutate constantly.  They become known, and then are treated.  The SAME should have happened with Covid 19.  Herd immunity SHOULD have been the way to go.  But, because this is an election year, and the Globalists are pulling out ALL the stops to oust Trump, we did something we had NEVER done before.  Not during the 1950’s with Polio.  Not during the 1930-1944 WW2.  Not even in 1918.  This is NOT the new “normal” as all the adds and MSM keep hyping.  This is 100% ABNORMAL.

The fact that this killer virus had to have its death numbers padded, its infection numbers HID, its potential CURE attacked, Add to that that any who question its lethality, spread, or the methods used to “mitigate” are universally attacked, mocked, and have their videos scrubbed.  Then the playing of politics by the Dems.

Ask yourself WHY would there be a reason for ANY of that if this were the killer it was hyped to be?  There would not be.  The ONLY focus on a REAL killer would be eliminating it, by ANY and ALL means, even HAZ.

My first instincts were correct.  When I saw the MSM ALL going to 24/7 coverage, I greww suspicious.  When they started including a DEATH tote board to perpetuate that coverage, I KNEW it was another narrative that we were being force fed.

I hope this was insttrucrtive to see that we ALL have been USED.  Pawns in a SICK game of death and POWER.  This time targeting Trump voters in the economy and REAL death to further an agenda.  An Agenda of regaining power by destroying the US. The Globalist wet dream.  One they were so close to under Obama, and one that Trump stopped.

Now, in a month, they wiped that all away, coupled with a convenient oil war between the Saudis and Russia to “help” kill the building blocks of Trump’s resurgence, OIL and energy.  Once you piece it ALL together as I just did for you in this timeline.  You cannot UNSEE the agenda, and the players behind it.   It took Trump 3 years to build and the Cabal 8 weeks to destroy to WHERE it was under Obama in 2009.

Back to square one.  Another False Flag, this time using the unthinkable, one you cannot reason with.  One who is immune from military attack, one that TARGETED the vulnerable elderly who also had comorbidities, yet had LITTLE effect on children or 80% it touched.  VERY un coronavirus like.  Definitely NOT from Mother Nature.

Once you accept that point, that it was created.  You have to ask WHY?   For WHAT purpose? Then WHO released it?  WHY?  What is the advantage gained.  WHO stands to gain?  WHO stands to LOSE?  AHH, then you SEE it.  Once seen, it can never be unseen.

Someday the TRUE story will eek out, slowly.  Perhaps then some will remember this blog post, and say..AHH, I read that somewhere once.

The farce has been played as far as they can take it.  The “killer” virus is about to be destroyed by warm weather (80 degrees and above KILLS it).  Sunlight KILLS it.  40% or ABOVE humidity KILLS it. Trump told us, just the MSM will not highlight it.  They want and NEED their weapon. Their weapon is on its last legs.  Soon not even padding the numbers will be enough.  People WILL take BACK their lives  as Summer approaches.

People WILL return to NORMAL life, some slowly, some more slowly than others.  But there will be MILLIONS who will instantly go out again, unmasked, and go shopping, go to movies, go to dinner, go to ball games, go to concerts, go to beeches, and go to amusement parks.  Life WILL go on.  People have had their “taste” of socialism, and they found it BITTER.  That means it will NEVER be permitted again, not even if Trump himself asks again.  People LEARNED.  Some will still live in fear, they always have or will.  Most will proceed on and put this time in the rearview mirror.

They WILL remember what was done, and what was tried, and WHO did it.  They will NEVER allow that to happen again.  It will take GENERATIONS of complacency to get there again.  The Globalists and Cabal KNOW this, that is WHY they are ALL in.  They MUST make this stick, and they MUST get Trump.  If not, they are the endangered species.  I look forward to their coming demise, it is well overdue.

Stay safe, Stay ALERT.  Pray for Trump, Pray for yourselves, and pray for America and the world.  NEVER forget, NEVER submit, NEVER surrender your freedoms.  Enjoy you life, free from fear, and blessed to be in America where we are free and endowed by our creator with unaleinable rights of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Make America Great Again.   ~ P. Rex





















6 thoughts on “The False Flag of ALL false Flags

  1. Couldn’t agree more, P Rex.

    Here’s the thing about lockdown: Three important pillars of society were taken away at a trice by many US state governments and many countries, particularly those in the West: family, work and worship. It’s hard to place those in any particular order as they all tie for No. 1.

    We can’t just leave these to dangle in the wind with no comment, ergo, thank you.

    And once we are in lockdown, it is very difficult to lift the lid without raising infection rates. Germany is standing by waiting to see if they lifted too much too soon.

    We all should have adopted the Swedish model, but there would have been outcries of ‘Our president/prime minister wanted people to die’. Wrong. Therefore, we have to blame the public a bit for this, too, unfortunately. They were driven by the media.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EXACTLY Church. Trump was put in a no win scenario, the Kobiashi Maru for the Trekkies. He chose to err on the side of safety, ignoring his gut, which did try to tell him several times, but he deferred to the safety of the people.

      Fauci, and his EVIL masters, wanted the lock down for TWO reasons, and NONE of it was about safety or saving lives, or even keeping the hospitals from being overwhelmed. It was ALL a narrative. I knew it the moment EVERY channel went 24/7 coverage, and had a DEATH tote board.

      Notice, if you did not, I will tell you, that the narrative, much like the models and MSM coverage that supported it, fed it, and enabled it to CONTINUE, far longer than it should have, CHANGED, several times.

      Recall, FIRST it was about “flattening the curve to stop the spread” Well, they ALL knew that was bullshit, as they had NO idea how far it WOULD spread, or how far it HAD spread.

      SECOND it was “flatten the curve via “social distancing” to stop the spread and protect the “most” vulnerable IE the elderly with comorbidities. Well that didn’t work EITHER, as people began to question the logic behind sequestering the young and HEALTHY to protect the elderly and infirm. Why not, as Sweden did, sequester ONLY the sick, elderly, and vulnerable (comorbidities)? THIS is what SHOULD have been done from the START, but that would not have achieved the EVIL agenda, which was to shutdown the US economy, and to do it by attacking and hurting TRUMP’S base, the forgotten men and women of Main Street, the SMALL business owners and their 50% employment of the US economy.

      THIRD it changed to “Staying home to protect, the most vulnerable, and to keep each other safe, as a CIVIC or “patriotic” “duty”. Well that was not working either as people do NOT like being told to STAY in during spring especially. Then they, like me, did NOT like be patronized by appealing to something AGAINST our own nature and well being (losing our jobs, money, and businesses) as a “civic” or “patriotic” DUTY. All byy people who were still getting PAID, and still having THEIR jobs. Do as I say, NOT as I do. I am talking about Governors here, not Trump. Trump was ALWAYS careful to imply and state that this was a GUIDELINE, and therefore VOLUNTARY. Notice that the Govs, especially DEM Govs, missed that point and used it as an OPPORTUNITY to expand and exercise their POWER over us, it fit the narrative, as it KILLED Trump voters ability to earn FIRST, while THEIR constituents were STILL on “essential” of Union, or GOVERNMENT doles. This, of COURSE was met with MASSIVE pushback.

      SO, they moved to the FOURTH. “Stay home and help flatten the curve to keep our healthcare systems and hospitals from being overwhelmed, like Italy. Well, you guessed it, Trump OVER supplied EVERYTHING from masks, to ventilators, to Hospital ships, to gowns to gloves, to MILLIONS of doses of Hydroxychloroquine, and converting convention space to HOSPITAL beds, and actually building temp hospitals. NONE of which were NEEDED, because THOSE being EMPTY, along with the THOUSANDS of unused ventilators in a warehouse, helped DESTROY that narrative.
      The Hospitals were NEVER overwhelmed, not even in ground zero in NY city. (BTW, it is NOT a mere coincidence that ground zero just HAPPENED to be in Trump’s home state, city, and NEIGHBORHOOD, Queens, ANOTHER tell that this too was an operation against him).

      Now we are on to the FIFTH and current narrative, which is “we flattened the curve, BUT, we can’t reopen too soon, or too large, because that would undo all we have accomplished.” This too is UTTER bullshit, as they KNOW their precious weapon virus is DYING, and WILL die quicker once the country gets to 80 degrees with over 40% humidity, IE ALL but MAINE will be there in about 3 weeks.

      This was ALL a hyped up FALSE FLAG, using REAL death by a new version of the flu, one created in NC, funded by OUR NIH (Dr Fauci) and then MOVED to Wuhan where it was WWEAPONIZED by China, and RELEASED as a culling agent against their own people and the world. It REALLY killed people, the elderly, especially those with other problems. It was CREATED to do so. It, like a viral respiratory version of AIDS, attacks weak immune systems, makes them overreact, and KILL the body by that overreaction, allowing their OTHER problems or a mitigating factor like pneumonia, to KILL them. NOT Covid 19, the OTHER mitigating circumstances, as the immune system is burnt out and overreacting, making it INEFFECTIVE to fight off anything else. JUST like AIDS. People do NOT die from AIDS, they die because something ELSE attacks, even something SIMPLE, that their immune system is then too weak to fight off. This is something that WILL be found out, and that they are NOT telling us.

      It is WHY all deaths, at least in the US, are Covid 19 deaths. The hospitals do it for the MONEY. The Cabal uses it to PAD the Covid death numbers to keep the fear going. Another thing, notice how the MSM and Cabal, including Fauci, FIGHT against Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + Zinc SO vigorously? Then at the same time, they HAIL, Remdisivir, after ONE study, which, was NOT as effective as HAZ (91% effective AFTER infected, preventing further damage AND hospitalization) Remdisiivir, was made FOR Ebola. It did NOT work.

      In fact, it KILLED far more than it SAVED in Africa. Gee, is that not what they tried to project on Hydroxychloroquine? Why YES, yes it is.

      Want MORE? Guess, WHO funded the Ebola research into Remdisivir? The NIH. Guess who is the HEAD of the NIH? Dr Fauci. Guess who signed OFF on the drug for Ebola? Dr Fauci. Guess who funded the Covid 19 research in NC? Fauci and the NIH. Guess who used 3.7 MILLION taxpayer dollars to move it to CHINA and the Wuhan BSL4? The NIH and Fauci.

      Want MORE? Guess who was the head of the AIDS taskforce in the 80’s and 90’s? Dr Fauci. A vaccine was NEVER found, despite HUNDREDS of BILLIONS spent. Guess who is AGAINST Hydroxychloroquine? Dr Fauci. Guess who had the VA put out that SHAM Hydroxychloroquine study the media tried to pass off to scare people from using HAZ? The NIH and Dr Fauci. Guess WHO advised Trump to do the shutdown and social distancing mitigation crap to flatten the curve? Dr Fauci. Who wants the shutdown to CONTINUE and is almost guaranteeing no herd immunity and a second wave? Dr Fauci.

      See a pattern? Guess WHO, pun intended, advised Dr Fauci? Tedros and the World Health Organization. Guess WHO, pun intended they enable? CHINA. Guess WHO, funds the WHO? The NIH and Dr Fauci. Getting a CLEARER picture yet?

      Remember Event 201. The mock by John’s Hopkins that was almost dead on to Covid 19? Funded by Bill and Melina Gates’ Foundation…AND…the NIH and Dr Fauci. Why do you THINK Fauci so readily took in the WHO and IHME models? HE had ALREADY seen them at Event 201. In October of 2019.

      Want ICING? WHO does the WHO defend? China. WHO owns GILEAD, the makers of Remdisivir? CHINA. Who bought Gilead and used the drug in their country? China. Who would BENEFIT from that EXPENSIVE drug being used here in the US? CHINA.. Who is PUSHING the NEW, expensive, hard to scale,limited effectiveness against Covid 19, and DANGEROUS drug in favor of the CHEAP, well known, easily scalable, safe, and PROVEN 91% effective against Covid 19 drug? Dr Fauci. WHO benefits from that? CHINA.

      Now, ask yourself this. WHY would Fauci, who KNOWS EXACTLY where this virus came from, who did it, and who enabled it, PUSH something that was MORE expensive, LESS well KNOWN, LESS effective, LESS available and scalable, and MORE deadly than Hydroxychloroquine? Why would he push something that would BENEFIT China after THEY released the pandemic, hid it, and then enabled it to spread by hiding all info on it?

      WHY would a member of Trump’s Coronavirus task force do ANY of that? WHY is Fauci there? WHAT is his REAL purpose? Who does he REALLY work for? My bet is CHINA. Fauci is either a MOLE, and OR he is so deep in all this he is trying to mislead to cover up HIS complicity.

      I am putting this on my blog Church, feel free to link it or spread it. I hope all is well in the UK. Our shutdown begins to end May 11th. I hope yours is sooner or not much later than that. Take care my friend!

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      1. Will do! Many thanks!

        I am so hacked off right now — and have been for the past month.

        You take good care, too, friend!

        In the UK, we got the same messages from the beginning: a) flatten the curve, b) stay at home so that health services (NHS) won’t be overloaded. The second message means, ‘Don’t spread coronavirus.’

        Once they (health officials and politicians) go down the lockdown route, it has to be lifted gradually. It’s easy to shut everything down instantaneously. It’s quite another to reopen society. Under the lockdown scenario, it can’t be done all at once.

        For this reason, I applaud Sweden. Get everything out of the way in one go whilst advising the elderly and vulnerable to stay at home.

        I agree that hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin is helpful and it’s great to see that 22 US states want to trial it.

        Meanwhile, in France, Prof Didier Raoult’s peers are angry with him for successfully trialling this cheap anti-malarial remedy (not cure) for coronavirus.

        They want to expel him from the equivalent of the French medical society — for making people well. They allege that he used ‘illegal protocols’ in his drug trial.

        I can appreciate that, to Americans, it’s all about Trump.

        Living across the pond, I could probably posit a case that it’s all about an attack on Boris and Brexit. It does feel a lot like that.

        In terms of scientists and modelling, I am just as frustrated with Prof. Neil Ferguson from Imperial College’s outrageous projections for 500,000 deaths, then 250,000 — and, now, fewer, since lockdown. The man has form and is responsible for the cull of millions of cattle and sheep in the foot and mouth crisis nearly 20 years ago. IMHO, that man should never work again. Yet, he was brought out later for another agricultural epidemic which was another disaster thanks to his mathematical models, received an honour from the Queen for his work (?!), and, now, once again, was hired for coronavirus management. Oh. My. Word. WHY?!?

        So, your Fauci is my Ferguson.

        Moving away from that, all the developed countries are dealing with the Chi-vi. Unlocking is proving problematic in Germany. Even with a small, cautious lifting allowing a return of school and smaller cafes to reopen, coronavirus cases are beginning to rise once again.

        I think that all Western leaders were probably advised, ‘If you don’t lock down in some way, you’ll be viewed as a murderer who allowed untold deaths to happen. You’ll be hounded out of office’.

        As I live in Europe, I need to look at the bigger picture. For me, these lockdowns are a way of getting rid of Western society.

        Boris presided over the daily coronavirus briefing yesterday (Thursday). I believe him — just as you believe PDJT — when he says he wants to get the economy up and running ASAP. He, his Cabinet and their advisers are working on a plan for a staged reopening. They will announce this plan around this time next week.

        I am furious with the MSM for hyping this up since February.

        I loathe watching the BBC, but I feel obliged to watch their narratives change throughout this, which has been troubling.

        They are as follows:

        1/ We want a lockdown. Why aren’t we having a lockdown, like Germany and Italy?

        2/ There’s no PPE. Where’s the PPE? What are the government doing? (The correct question to be asking is, ‘Where were the NHS procurement managers?’)

        3/ Ohh, the death toll is so high! Why isn’t it lower, like Germany’s? (For whatever reason, they always hold up Germany, which, if they bothered to look more closely, has mostly a privatised health system.)

        4/ Ohh, look, our front line NHS staff are dying. What is the government doing about it? Where is the front line’s PPE? Why isn’t the government doing anything? (Meanwhile, the government has been ‘straining every sinew’ — their words — to get PPE during a worldwide shortage, including mobilising the Army and the Royal Air Force, who have been appalled at the NHS waste of resources.)

        5/ It’s time to lift the lockdown. It’s not right that people cannot work. What problems this will cause for the economy and our well being! Businesses are closing! Does the government have a plan to relax the lockdown? When will we get the plan? Do they know what they are doing?

        ALL of this, which is an orchestrated attack on God-given civil liberties, is something that should be galvanising people to insist that, after all of this is over, it must not happen again.

        How we do this is another question. I do not have an answer. I do think, however, that a number of British MPs on both sides of the aisle will see the folly of this horrible episode in the history of the Free World.

        In the US it is the same, at least among Republicans.

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      2. Amazing how the left works WORLD wide, not just here. The names and faces change, the NARRATIVES stay the same. I believe the PPE and ventilator narratives were a STALL tactic. They KNEW that China made the BULK of gowns and masks. They knew we had old antiquated, and short supply of ventilators. They NEVER expected Trump to use the DPA to FORCE companies to make everything from gowns, masks, gloves, and ventilators here, by the MILLIONS. Trump had MUCH more made than we could EVER use. The ventilators IMHO, were a TELL by the Cabal that this was ALL a narrative.

        They were requesting tens of thousands MORE ventilators than there were TRAINED people to use and repair them. Then, they PROVED it by locating 4000 in a warehouse in NJ, when Cuomo was begging for 40000. He NEVER even used the 4000. He ALSO did NOT use the hospital ships nor the Javitz center (which is ANOTHER tell, that is where Hillary’s “victory” party was scheduled in 2016).

        As for Boris, if ANYONE thinks it is coincidence that he got, and almost DIED from Covid 19, directly after he finally pushed through Brexit, I have a bridge to sell them on the river Thames, it is old and I will sell it CHEAP. LOL.

        You are correct my friend, this was an ATTACK on our bodies, financials, SOULS, and our freedoms. They took our jobs, businesses, our retirements, our savings, our WORSHIP, and our God given rights protected in the US for 240 plus years and in the UK even longer (Magna Carta wasn’t it?)

        This was a TEST. To see how fare we would allow them to go. They ALMOST got us, but we are NOW fighting back.

        Fergusson, and Fauci, in any other SANE world would have been removed, shunned, and arrested. Hell, they might even have been EXECUTED in a different time. They are tow sides of the SAME evil Cabal. They are ALL working for OUR ruin and their power.

        Stay SAFE my friend. Pay close attention here in the next few weeks, the trail to OBAMA just became lit. It is about to be revealed, ALL of it. I asked Wolf, WHAT could be BAD enough for the Cabal to actually try to kill MILLIONS and succeed in killing hundreds of thousands WW? Not even TREASON would justify that. WHAT could be worse than THAT? I can only think of one thing, and that is what really happened on Little St John’s island.

        Take care! MAGA, and MUKGA! (Make the UK Great Again)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you very much — greatly appreciated.

        I agree with everything you posted and can add nothing more.

        Re the UK, I do think that someone could have been after Boris for winning the 2019 election. As you probably know, I did post elsewhere just after Easter, perhaps with the relevant video, that he looked peaky (ill) even though he had been released from hospital for rest and recuperation.

        I was very concerned during Holy Week, when he was intensive care from Monday night through Thursday evening, that he personally was under attack. My best friend, who is English, thought that was rather mad.

        Having been brought up in the US, I stand by my concern/worry, whatever word suits better. I am still very interested in the Prime Minister’s health and pray for his full recovery. He came across on Thursday’s coronavirus briefing (April 30) as rather breathy, which didn’t exactly set my mind at ease. He also looked quite pale.

        If anyone thinks Boris was faking this — as some on the Left are — well, I feel sorry for them. One BBC reporter, when questioning him on Thursday, prefaced her comment with, ‘While you were away …’ as if he had been on a beach in the Seychelles for three weeks. Shameful.

        Many years ago, I met Boris personally with a friend of mine, by chance. We had a good, solid five minute conversation with him alone when he was leaving journalism and running (successfully, as it turned out) for MP of Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

        What a great memory that is. He was humble and affable. He was sincere. The real Boris, the real deal. He didn’t have anyone around him. He was alone.

        I watched him on telly subsequently for many years. I also am well acquainted with his time as Mayor of London for two terms — eight years — as I worked in the capital at the time. He did an excellent job. He had a solid team around him then in the London Assembly as he does now in the Cabinet.

        With regard to coronavirus, Boris no doubt felt he was his invincible self and went a bit too far with handshaking.

        I continue to pray that God keeps him safe, especially as he is father to a newborn. I wish him, his fiancée Carrie and their baby son all the best, in health and in happiness. May he help to restore Britain to its former greatness.

        I wish you all the very best during this unparalleled time in Western history.

        NEVER before has there been an audacious attack on civil liberties such as this.

        We WILL get through this.

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